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Arwa Alghamdi (MFA '19)

Arwa Alghamdi (MFA ’19) is an interior designer, blogger, baker and all around, a creative human being. Below is some highlights of her recent trip to New York City where walked and ate throughout the city.

I just came back from my first trip to New York City. It was a perfect destination for artists to spend a couple of days. Being an interior designer who has learned to appreciate good architecture, the city was rich with places to visit! 


I was lucky enough to give MoMA and the Solomon Guggenheim museums a visit and I enjoyed the art and architecture greatly. Even though that famous ramp at the Guggenheim was closed for preparation for the next show in June, it remained a unique experience. 

But honestly, I went there for the food. I have a personal interest in baking, and that explains the 12 bakeries and cafés on my list I wanted to try. For example, Chef’s Table on Netflix made Milk Bar famous for making ice cream from cereal milk and their one and only Crack Pie (because you cannot stop eating it!). Both tasted so good! Magnolia Bakery, Lady M, and Blue Bottle Coffee were amazingly great. Yet, the bakery that got me most excited was Dominique Ansel Bakery and his Cronut. The cronuts were sold out by 11 am when I arrived, so I tried other great goods that they had. The cookie shot was my favorite. Warm cookie cup coated with dark chocolate on the inside, served with lukewarm milk in it with the taste of melted chocolate. That made me even more excited for the cronut, so I promised myself to give it another try, and so I did. I came back early in the morning that day and got the chance to try it. My first impression was so disappointed. The cronut was rubbery and greasy and the filling came out from everywhere. The filling was so sweet that I couldn’t taste anything else but sugar. No croissant’s flakiness, nor donut’s lightness. Then I learned to not expect anything!

Speaking of expectations, the highlight of this five day trip was Aladdin. As an Arab, I wouldn’t have survived my childhood without watching Aladdin or at least knowing the story. However, I was happy from the bottom of my heart that I didn’t because I literally wasn’t expecting anything. That play was a genius one. I laughed like I never did in my entire life. People were laughing at my laughs. The characters were perfectly designed, and the special effects they used left everyone astonished and amazed. 

In the end, I do not think that five days was enough to unfold the essence of New York, yet it was enough to give me taste to keep me looking forward to going back to it. For more pictures, you can find highlights on my Instagram account @ArwaGh.

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