Theresa Swanson, MEd

Picture of Theresa Swanson

MEd - Administration and Supervision, BS - Athletic Training

Assistant Clinical Professor, Kinesiology
Internship Coordinator, Kinesiology
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Athletics

Building/Room: CASY 540-07


Theresa Swanson is a clinician specializing in human movement science (HMS). Most recently working with the founders of the National Academy of Sports Medicine and previous Phoenix Suns sports medicine staff, she learned to effectively combine her clinical background with strength and conditioning. Theresa strives to mentor individuals in finding their passions and growing professionally in them. Her masters degree in administration and supervision helped her embrace her love for building and growing programs with a systematic approach.

She has created successful internship opportunities at both the high school and collegiate levels. As a duel-position employee, Theresa also serves in the athletics department as an assistant athletic trainer. She brings her background in HMS to her teams helping them move better, decrease injury risk, increase performance potential, and recover faster. Finally, when time allows, she enjoys the adventure of driving into a new area and finding her way home without GPS assistance.