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The International Studies major offers you personalized support to select an internship at an international organization in the Seattle area. You gain professional skills, contacts, and advice to pursue your career goals

You can earn 2–5 credits depending on the number of hours per week that you work (6–15 hours). Up to 5 credits may count towards International Studies major elective requirements. 

Graduate from Seattle U with a resume showing your work experience at a place like Casa Latina, Global Washington, Seattle International Foundation, Refugee Women’s Alliance, or the African Chamber of Congress. 

Internships abroad are also available. 

“I was especially grateful for the opportunity to work at the Seattle World School because it allowed me to combine two of my interests, teaching and work with immigrant/refugee populations, into a truly meaningful experience. I formed valuable connections with students and staff at the school and grew in my ability to support specific marginalized populations through programming, classroom assistance, and everyday interactions."

Natalie Ramos INST Graduate 2020

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"My internship with Ayni gave me experience that is applicable to many organizations within the international field, making me more comfortable applying for positions in all areas."

Chloe Bodine INST Graduate 2014

The International Studies Internship Program in detail


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