Alumni Stories

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Image for Yasmine Ansari, 2021

Yasmine Ansari, 2021

Hometown:  Tehran, Iran
Add'l Degrees:  Women and Gender Studies and Arabic
Int'l Experience: United Kingdom
Extracurriculars: SU Students for Justice in Palestine

Image for Michael Ninen, 2020

Michael Ninen, 2020

Hometown:  Portland, OR
Add'l Degrees:  Spanish, Latin American Studies 
Int'l Experience:  Mexico, Guatemala
Internship:  One Equal Heart Foundation

Image that complements Melissa Cuevas, 2019

Melissa Cuevas, 2019

Hometown:  Mountain View, CA
Add'l Degrees:  Chinese, Spanish, and Latin American Studies 
Int'l Experience: Mexico, Dominican Republic
Internship: Intern for Senator Patty Murray’s Seattle Office

Image for Genevieve Jesse, 2018

Genevieve Jesse, 2018

Hometown:  Omaha, NE
Add'l Degrees:  French 
Int'l Experience:  France 
Internship:  Days for Girls International 

Image for Lucas Christensen, 2020

Lucas Christensen, 2020

Hometown:  St. Louis, MO
Add'l Degrees:  Political Science, Arabic 
Int'l Experience:  Spain

Image that complements Ruth Yohannes, 2019

Ruth Yohannes, 2019

Hometown:  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Add'l Degrees:  
Political Science
Int'l Experience:  
Tara Expeditions (Paris, France)

Image for Andrew Orita, 2020

Andrew Orita, 2020

Hometown:  West Windsor, NJ
Add'l Degrees:  Japanese
Int'l Experience:   Japan
Internships:  Intern at Japan Society in New York, NY

Image for Isabeau Belisle Dempsey, 2019

Isabeau Belisle Dempsey, 2019

Hometown:  Chicago, IL
Add'l Degrees: 
Spanish, Latin American Studies 
Int'l Experience:  
México, Guatemala
Global Visionaries

Image that complements David Lin, 2018

David Lin, 2018

Hometown:  Spokane, WA
Add'l Degrees:  History 
Int'l Experience:  UK
Internship:  Office of Senator Maria Cantwell – Seattle

Image for Hope Verenakaiwai Tucker, 2018

Hope Verenakaiwai Tucker, 2018

Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Languages: Bahasa Indonesia
Int'l Experience: Serbia, Indonesia
Internship: NGO Atina in Belgrade, Serbia

Image for Ryan Giannini, 2018

Ryan Giannini, 2018

Hometown:  Phoenix, Arizona
Add'l Degrees:  Political Science, Asian Studies, Japanese
Int'l Experience:  Japan
Internship:  City of Seattle Legislative Department

Image that complements Meaghan Bogart, 2017

Meaghan Bogart, 2017

Hometown:  Portland, OR
Add'l Degrees:  Latin American Studies 
Int'l Experience:  Mexico, Nicaragua, Cuba, Peru
Internship:  Global Washington

Image for Iris Ivaniš, 2017

Iris Ivaniš, 2017

Hometown:  Požega, Croatia
Add'l Degrees:  Strategic Communications
Int'l Experience:  United States, Slovenia
Internship:  Seattle University Athletics

Image for Olivia Mejia-Martinez, 2017

Olivia Mejia-Martinez, 2017

Hometown:  Los Angeles , CA
Add'l Degrees:  French, Political Science 
Int'l Experience:  France, Senegal, Colombia
Internship:  King County’s Prosecuting Attorney’s Offic

Image that complements Cilia Jurdy, 2016

Cilia Jurdy, 2016

Hometown:  Seattle, WA
Add'l Degrees:  Art History, International Economic Development 
Int'l Experience:  Jordan
Internship:  Frye Art Museum

Image for Andrew Gorvetzian, 2015

Andrew Gorvetzian, 2015

Hometown:  Albuquerque, NM
Add'l Degrees:  Spanish, Latin American studies 
Int'l Experience:  Chile, Guatemala, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Nicaragua
Internship:   Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Image for Daniel Griffith, 2012

Daniel Griffith, 2012

Hometown:  Portland, OR
Add'l Degrees: Spanish 
Int'l Experience:  Argentina, Philippines
Internship:  U.S. Department of State internship at U.S. Embassy, Honduras

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