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Interdisciplinary Arts

Interdisciplinary Arts - Visual Art

  • Interdisciplinary Arts (BA)

    Visual Art Emphasis

    The Department of Art and Art History offers an exciting and unique opportunity for interdisciplinary study in the arts. While the emphasis track is specific to studio art, this program requires students to take courses outside the chosen field; students are encouraged to explore the endless possibilities that exist between studio art and other art forms.

    An Interdisciplinary Arts major with a Visual Art Emphasis requires 60 credits, including:

    ART 100 Design and Color (5 credits)
    ART 120 Drawing I (5 credits)
    ART 211 Survey of Western Art I (5 credits)
    ART 212 Survey of Western Art II (5 credits)
    Choose one of the following two courses (5 credits): 
        ART 310 Art Since 1945 
        ART 316 History of Modernism
    Choose two of the following courses (10 credits): 
        ART 220 Drawing II 
        ART 240 Painting I 
        ART 250 Sculpture I 
        ART 330 Relief Printmaking (or ART 331 Monotype Printmaking)
    ART Electives (25 credits total; 10 outside emphasis, 10 at 300-400 level)

    Course Offerings and Requirements

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