Edwin H. Weihe, PhD

PhD, American Literature and Fiction

Associate Professor, Film Studies

Phone: 206-296-5426

Building/Room: Casey 510-03

Teaching and Research Interests

Edwin Weihe CV (PDF)

 Welcome statement (teaching/research/personal interests): My professional commitments are divided, always unequally, between teaching, writing fiction, and program administration and development. Whenever possible, I like to focus my courses sharply on a few authors, like Joyce, Lawrence, and Hemingway, and a few texts, like Moby Dick and Ulysses, closely analyzed from several theoretical perspectives, particularly psychoanalytic. My own fiction writing is always encouraged, and often inspired, by my fiction writing classes and our many talented young students. My program development projects, which include Matteo Ricci College, the Creative Writing Program, Summer Abroad, and currently Film Studies, are always aimed at creating alternative approaches to learning.

Current and Recent Courses: Writing Fiction and Advanced Fiction Writing, Moby Dick and Its Context, and American Drama.

Film Courses: Film Genre, Film History, Film Seminar.

Dream or Future Courses: Art of the Novel; seminars on Kafka and Kundera, Henry James, and William Faulkner.


BA, Brown University
MFA, Iowa Writers Workshop
MA, PhD, University of Iowa