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Winter Quarter 2020


Want to receive credit for an internship?

Every student is strongly encouraged to consider taking at least ONE internship for credit in Fall Quarter and one additional (paid or unpaid) no credit internship before you graduate. It’s an essential way to network and gain professional experience!

According to a recent study from Michigan State University,* employers go on to offer 50 percent of their interns fulltime jobs.

(*Collegiate Employment Research Institute, Report, 2017. Study reported in NY Times, April 7, 2017)

What types of internships can I find?

Hundreds of national and local opportunities available on Handshake

Here are just a sampling of recent internships featured on Handshake, the platform that offers you access to internships, career information and more. Check it out here.

Finding the right internship

What do I do next?

Check out the College of Arts and Sciences' Pathways to Professional Formation website with information about internships and how to get them.

Do you have more questions? Make an appointment with the Career Engagement Office.

Create a Student account on the new national website, Handshake, to search for internships and apply for them.

We also have a number of dedicated internships that are reserved just for Film or English Majors.

If you know an employer who might be a suitable candidate for an internship, get them to register themselves on Handshake here and then post the position there. Instructions for posting jobs are available here.

Once you have found a suitable internship fill out the internship packet of forms. These are available, with the instructions, below or at the English Department front desk. Then, make an appointment with the Internship Director to register for 5 credits (or less) for the next quarter.

Dr. Kirsten Moana Thompson, Internship Director, English Department, Email.


  • Kirsten Thompson, PhD

    Kirsten Thompson, PhD

    Professor and Director of Film Studies

  • Shawn Bell

    Administrative Assistant