College of Arts and Sciences

Matthew Hickman, PhD

  • Matthew J. Hickman, PhD
    PhD, Criminal Justice
    Associate Professor, Criminal Justice
    Phone: 206-296-2484
    Building/Room: Casey 332


    Teaching and Research Interests


    Ph.D. 2005, Temple University; Criminal Justice
    MA. 1997, Washington State University; Criminal Justice
    BA. 1996, The George Washington University; Criminal Justice

    Courses Taught

    • Crime Mapping
    • Ethics & Decision-making
    • Statistics
    • Research Methods
    • Criminology
    • Forensic Science

    Research Interests

    • Issues in law enforcement (ethics, stress, police behavior)
    • Quantitative methods (statistics and research methodology)
    • Role of forensic evidence in the administration of justice

    Select Publications

    Rice, Stephen, Matthew Hickman, and Patrick Reynolds. 2011. "A Preliminary Assessment of Small World Scholarship Networks in Criminology and Criminal Justice." Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 22(1):67-83.

    Strom, Kevin and Matthew Hickman. 2010. "Unanalyzed Evidence in Law Enforcement Agencies: A National Examination of Forensic Processing in Police Departments." Criminology & Public Policy, 9(2):381-404.

    Hickman, Matthew and Stephen Rice. 2010. "Digital Analysis of Crime Statistics: Does Crime Conform to Benford's Law?" Journal of Quantitative Criminology, 26(3):333-349.

    Hickman, Matthew and Alex Piquero. 2009. "Organizational, Administrative, and Environmental Correlates of Complaints about Police Use of Force." Crime & Delinquency, 55(1):3-27.

    Hickman, Matthew, Joel Garner, and Alex Piquero. 2008. "Toward a National Estimate of Police Use of Nonlethal Force." Criminology & Public Policy, 7(4):563-604.