College of Arts and Sciences

Peter A. Collins, PhD

  • Peter A. Collins, PhD
    PhD, Criminal Justice
    Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
    Phone: 206-296-5474
    Building/Room: Casey 331


    Teaching and Research Interests


    Ph.D. 2011, Washington State University; Criminal Justice
    MA. 2006, Boise State University, Criminal Justice Administration
    BS. 2001, University of Oregon, Sociology

    Courses Taught

    • Criminal Law
    • Corrections
    • Research Methods
    • Crime and Justice in the Movies
    • Senior Seminar/Capstone
    • Intro to Law and Justice
    • Intro to Criminal Justice
    • Criminal Courts in America
    • Juvenile Justice and Corrections

     Research Interests

    • Criminal Justice Organizations
    • Cost-Benefit and Evaluation Research
    • Social Support Theory
    • Criminal Law
    • Substance Abuse Treatment
    • Drug Policy
    • Policy Analysis

    Selected Publications

    Stohr, Mary K. & Peter A. Collins. (2009). Criminal Justice Management: Theory andPractice in Justice Centered Organizations. New York: Oxford UniversityPress.
    Collins, Peter A., Jonathon A. Cooper, BradyHorn, Mary K. Stohr, Anthony Walsh, Lisa Bostaph, & Edward T. Baker.(2010). “The Cost of Substance Abuse: The Use of Administrative Data toInvestigate Treatment Benefits in a Rural Mountain State.” Western Criminology Review, 11:3: 13-28.
    Bouffard, Jeffrey, M. Lyn Exum, & Peter A.Collins. (2010). “An Examination of Question Form Effects in TraditionalRational Choice Research Designs Using Hypothetical Scenarios.” Journal of Criminal Justice, 38:4:400-409. 

    Thomas, Kyle J., Peter A. Collins, &Nicholas P. Lovrich. (2010). “Conductive Energy Device Use in MunicipalPolicing: Results of a National Survey on Policy and Effectiveness Assessments.”Police Quarterly, 13:3: 290-315.

    Collins, Peter A. (2009). “Effects of CognitiveDisability Evidence on Death Penalty Dispositions: An Analysis Post Atkins v. Virginia.” Criminal Justice Studies, 22:1: 17-38.

    Ronan,Scott, Peter A. Collins & Jeffrey W. Rosky. (2009). “TheEffectiveness of Idaho DUI and Misdemeanor/DUI Courts: Outcome Evaluation.” Journalof Offender Rehabilitation, 48:2: 154-165.