College of Arts and Sciences

P. Sven Arvidson, PhD

  • P. Sven Arvidson, PhD
    PhD, Philosophy
    Program Director, Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies
    Senior Fellow, Center for Faculty Development
    Phone: 206-296-5470
    Building/Room: Casey 430

    P. Sven Arvidson is Director of Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies and the Senior Faculty Fellow in the Center for Faculty Development.
    His books and articles explore the philosophy and psychology of human nature, interdisciplinary methodology, and best practices in higher education.




    Part of a large family, I was born and raised on the Maryland side of Washington D.C. After graduate school, my bride and I left D.C. for my career as a professor in the Midwest. Most recently I've followed my wife's career to Seattle. To do so I resigned my tenured position in the Midwest, but this was a fantastic opportunity for both of us and Seattle is where we belong. I teach intelligent and engaging students and find time to publish in various fields. What more can a professor want?