This website will keep you informed on the College of Arts and Sciences Strategic Planning process. It includes relevant information and documents, and links that will enable you to participate by providing your input to the committee. We will update the website as the work develops.

A&S Strategic Planning Survey

This anonymous survey is only one page and should take no more than 10 to 20 minutes.

Please note that this survey is focused on the College and is different than the University Strategic Planning process.  Even if you have already provided input to the college planning process in other ways, such as through open fora and self-facilitated group discussions, we ask that you also respond to this survey.

    Questions, comments or feedback?
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    María Bullón-Fernández, PhD
    Professor, English


    Maureen Emerson Feit, PhD
    Director & Senior Instructor, Nonprofit Leadership

Committee Work

Background Materials

Seattle University Strategic Planning

Faculty and Staff Input

We will offer opportunities to provide feedback and input during the planning process. Each time, we will provide a form for gathering that information here.

At any time during the process, please contact Maureen Emerson Feit and María Bullón-Fernández with questions and information.