Dean's Monthly Memo, June 2018


SUURJ Volume 2

Congratulations to the editorial team of the Seattle University Undergraduate Research Journal on the publication of their second volume. Learn more about SUURJ 2018.

College of Arts & Sciences 2018 Naef Scholars

  • Molly Brown, Junior, Political Science and Public Affairs
  • Evelyn Chow*, Senior, Philosophy and Sociology
  • Leah Dooley, Junior, Women & Gender Studies and English
  • Kennedy Dresh*, Senior, Environmental Studies and English
  • Marta Gamez*, Senior, Strategic Communications
  • Kate Hannick*, Senior, Public Affairs and Economics
  • Ricki Lieu, Junior, Anthropology
  • Claire Lucas*, Senior, Psychology and Theology & Religious Studies
  • Erin Phelps, Junior, Communications and Interdisciplinary Arts
  • Maddie Piper, Senior, BAHT and Environmental Studies
  • Justina Portillo, Junior, Criminal Justice
  • Mariana Renteria Hernandez, Junior, Psychology and Criminal Justice
  • Margaret Roberts, Senior, Philosophy and English
  • Falen Wilkes, Junior, Philosophy and History
  • Haley Witt, Senior, Communication and Media

*Returning Naef Scholar

2018 Campus-Wide Awards, College of Arts and Sciences recipients

  • The Archbishop Raymond G. Hunthausen Award: Gabriel Narvaez, Sociology
  • Distinguished Graduating Students: Haleema Bharoocha, Sociology
  • The Mission Award for Leadership:  Ann Marie Zocchi, History
  • Spirit of Seattle U: Kasi Gaarenstroom, Environmental Studies, with a specialization in Education and Communication and Ian Wuertz, English/Creative Writing
  • Peter Faber Integrity Award:  Nicky Manlove, Interdisciplinary Arts and Anab Nur, Public Affairs

2018 Graduate Commencement Award

Congratulations to the following Arts and Sciences students who will be recognized at the June 17 Graduate Commencement Ceremony.

  • Wallace Loh Academic Excellence Award: Andrea Giuffre, Master of Criminal Justice
  • Leadership and Professional Engagement Award: Emily West, Master of Arts in Psychology
  • Social Justice and Community Engagement: Maria Abdullahi, Master of Social Work

Student Executive Council Annual Awards

  • Teacher of the Year: Marie Wong, PhD
  • Advisor of the Year: Molly Clark Hillard, PhD
  • Staff of the Year: Rosie Sabaric, MEd

Read the full list of College of Arts and Sciences Awards, including departmental awards, to be presented on June 15.

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Leadership Committee on Intersectionality and Justice

Visit the website for the latest information and events. If you have an event to share, please send it to Karen Bystrom.

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The Seattle Police Department's new strategies in the International District, fostering security and connection, was informed by research conducted in collaboration with Seattle University Criminal Justice researchers. Watch the video on Seattle Channel.

Maylon Hanold, PhD, published a book titled "Women in Sports.” It includes a chapter titled "Perspectives" in which five MSAL alumni either speak to the work they are doing currently or wrote essays based on their graduate research. Kelli Rodriguez-Currie, MSAL/JD ’14 and MSAL adjunct wrote about how the compensation of student-athletes would not benefit women's sports. Allison Tenney, MSAL '11 and former assistant coach for SU women's soccer wrote about wearable technology and the benefits, not only physically, but also regarding body image. Erin Karner, MSAL '17 wrote an essay on girls sport empowerment programs based off her qualitative research and now is using that knowledge as Regional Program Director for Girls on the Run in Seattle. Riley McCormack, MSAL '16 wrote about transgender athletes and creating inclusive sport experiences, which was also based on his research project for the MSAL program. Annie Sittauer, MSAL '17 and Sarah Tani, MSAL '17 co-authored a piece about the role of education in raising awareness of gender issues in sport, and the importance of inclusive leadership mindsets to create positive sport experiences for women in collegiate athletics. Both also work for pro soccer teams in Seattle, one is with the Sounders and the other with the Reign.

Riley McCormack and Maylon, along with Riley's partner, gave two presentations to high school students on transgender athletes the first week in May. They presented issues and experiences transgender athletes face in sport participation as well as answered questions about how to create inclusive sport spaces both with policies and 'things we can do' as individuals to be allies for transgender specifically, but all genders generally to help create sport as a positive experience.

Caitlin Ring Carlson, PhD, and graduating Communication and Media senior Hayley Rouselle, submitted a paper to the Law and Policy division of AEJMC and it has been named top paper. They will present the paper,"Report and repeat: Investigating Facebook's hate speech removal policy," in D.C. in August and will submit it to the journal Communications Law & Policy in the coming weeks.

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Of Gifts and Gratitude

Please share any questions, comments or recommendations for this section with Katie Chapman, Director of Development for the College of Arts and Sciences, Indigenous Peoples Institute and Fostering Scholars, 206.398.4401. Thank you, faculty and staff, for your thoughtful partnership with our fundraising efforts!

CAS Fundraising Update:

  • The end of the fiscal year is JUNE 30 – Thank you to the many, many alumni, friends, faculty and staff who contribute so generously – every gift makes a difference.
  • The College of Arts & Sciences thanks our alumni for their responsiveness to our direct mail appeal this year – $10,000-plus – more than double what was brought in via this method last year. Additional recent gifts to note:
  • $7,500 for Indigenous Peoples Institute from the Ferguson Family Foundation
  • $100,000 pledge to establish Sommer Excellence in Choral Music in honor of Dr. Joy Sherman
  • At the recent Celebrating SUccess Scholarships Luncheon we hosted more than 300 students and supporters to connect and share gratitude. Here is the list of approximately 50 donor-funded named scholarships in the College of Arts and Sciences:
    • Artist Assistantships Fund
    • Blume Criminal Justice Scholars Program
    • Choral Music Program Scholarship Fund
    • College of Arts & Sciences Annual Scholarship Fund
    • Departmental Honors Scholarship
    • Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership Fund
    • French In Africa Scholarship Fund
    • Global Student Citizenship Scholarship Fund
    • Randolph Philip Koelsch
    • Russell M. Lidman Scholarship Fund
    • Dr. Lovell Social Work Scholarship
    • Master of Nonprofit Leadership (MNPL) Scholarship Fund
    • Music Performance Scholarship
    • Releve Scholarship for the Pacific Northwest Ballet – Seattle University Educational Partnership students
    • Petersen Family Scholarship Fund
    • Study Abroad Programs through the Modern Languages Scholarships
    • John Talevich Fund in Communication
    • Mary Lou and Richard Amen Scholarship
    • Artistic Excellence in Theatre Scholarship Fund
    • Richard F Beers II Undergraduate Sociology Research Endowment
    • Ann and Bruce Blume Criminal Justice Scholarship Endowment
    • Tim Brandt- Guy Marsh Honors Scholarship
    • Della Caldirola Guilfoil Scholarship
    • Michael W.T. Chon Endowed Scholarship
    • Nellie Clark Scholarship
    • Jeannette Standaert Conlon Memorial Scholarship
    • Eugene M. Corr Scholarship in Criminal Justice
    • Joseph P. Donovan Endowed Scholarship
    • Kaethe A. Ellis Scholarship
    • Etnyre Scheingold Clinical Social Work Endowed Scholarship
    • Ronald and Nan Giuffre Endowed Scholarship Fund
    • Wendelin Gruber, S. J. Endowed Scholarship
    • Mary Stewart Hall Endowed Scholarship
    • Marion J. Helenkamp Endowed Scholarship in Criminal Justice
    • Indigenous Peoples Institute (IPI) Endowed Scholarship
    • The Jeremiah F. Lavell Journalism Scholarship
    • Fr. William F. LeRoux Deans Endowment Scholarship
    • Professor Al Mann Endowed Scholarship
    • Paul Breslin Milan Legacy Scholarship Fund
    • Thomas L. O’Brien, S. J. and C. Robert Harmon University Honors Scholarship
    • Mildred O’Neal Scholarship - Fine Arts
    • Leona and Phelps Quitslund Endowed Scholarship
    • Fr. James B. Reichmann Scholarship
    • Charles R. Risner Scholarship Fund
    • Kristin Leigh Roach Memorial Scholarship Endowment
    • Jan Rowe, PhD Endowed Scholarship
    • Fr. James E. Royce Addiction Studies Scholarship
    • Mary G. Searles Endowed Scholarship
    • SU Guild Endowed Scholarship
    • Sisko Endowment for Artist Assistantships
    • Barbara A. Trachte Honors Scholarship
    • Antoinette Wagner Perpall ’64 Endowed Scholarship

View the SU Scholarship Booklet.

Donor-Funded Gift Accounts Reminder

We know resources are tight across the university. Are you aware of how much you have received from donors to help with your department? Please be sure you are monitoring and spending from your donor-funded restricted gift accounts regularly. Should you have questions about an account or need gift information, contact Development Contacts to help you research donor intent and help you with contact information. Contact Katie Chapman in the College or Christa Callanan in University Advancement’s Stewardship and Donor Relations at 206.296.6965.

College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Leadership Council

We are now accepting nominations for new members – alumni and non-alumni are welcome.

Help us further diversify the council with an alumni or industry representative involved with your program. Additional information is included below.

Leadership Council Mission

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) Leadership Council (LC) is a strategic advisory group of alumni, community and corporate leaders who assist the Dean of CAS in planning and providing for the future of the College per membership activities listed below.

Membership Outcomes

  • Increased awareness and knowledge about the College
  • Informed ambassadors in our community able to promote the College
  • Invested alumni willing to encourage others to engage with the College and Seattle U – in a way that is meaningful to them, with time, talents and/or treasure.

Membership Activities

  • Attend three meetings and one social per year
  • Serve as an ambassador for the College in the community
  • Participate in events/activities around interest area (request two per quarter in arts, sports, lectures, more) and report back to Katie about experience
  • Identify key leaders/organizations in the region who can help support the goals of A&S
  • Gifts to the College are encouraged at a level that is meaningful to each individual, as a reminder, $1,000 or more is the President’s Club 
  • Connect alumni and community leaders to the Dean, the College, and the University (propose intro meetings with David Powers, Department Chairs, University Leadership)
  • Suggest and/or host leadership/professional development and networking activities for the College:
  • A&S Alumni and Students Connect networking/mentoring events
  • Speakers (Guest speakers in classes, lectures, or invites to public events)
  • Department Dinners – Host a faculty member, David and alumni for dinner and conversation (LC members may want to partner together to host.)
  • Suggest public forums to connect the university and the community

Current Membership Roster

  • Carolyn Hojaboom (CHAIR)
  • Derrick Belgarde
  • Ann Blume*
  • James Dykeman
  • Bill Eisiminger
  • Antoinette (Toni) Fowler Perpall
  • Jean Merlino
  • Brody O’Harran
  • Laura Rehrmann
  • Jeannie Ruckelshaus
  • Geraldine (Madeira) Russell
  • Ryan Sawyer
  • Ruth Tressel*
  • Nancy Walton-House

SU reps –

  • David Powers, Dean
  • Katie Chapman, Development Director
  • Karen Bystrom, Director of Marketing & Communications
  • Lauren St.Pierre, Administrative support

*Seattle University Trustee

Alumni Businesses/Organizations

Know of an alumni restaurant, winery, nonprofit organization or other business?

Please help us encourage SU pride and prosperity for our alumni entrepreneurs. For example have you heard of The Shambles, co-owned by Matthew Brady, 2010 English alumnus and former Spectator photographer. Check out their press.

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Sonora Jha, PhD, Associate Dean for Academic Community and Professor, Department of Communication recently announced the College of Arts and Sciences has awarded promotion and research fellowships to ten faculty members.

Promotion Fellowship

  • Dr. Chris Paul (Communication): Free to Play and Bias: A Changing Landscape for Video Games.

Dean's Summer Research Fellowship

  • Dr. Erica Rauff (Kinesiology): Longitudinal Study of Weight & Health Behaviors in First-Year College Students.
  • Dr. Aakanksha Sinha, (Social Work - Partial Funding for student research): Undervalued and Over-represented: Voices of Migrant Domestic Workers in India.

Summer Research Fellowships

  • Dr. Amelia Derr (Anthropology, Sociology and Social Work): Specific Challenges to Immigrant Wellbeing and Strategies for Wellness Promotion.
  • Dr. El Hadji Malick Ndiaye (Modern Languages and Cultures & Global African Studies): Discovering Untold Stories: Narratives of Senegalese Analogue Photographs in the Digital Era.
  • Dr. Julie Homchick Crowe (Communication): Creation Nation: Creation Science, Alternative Facts, and Public Discourse.
  • Dr. Nalini Iyer (English): At Home Nowhere: Racialization, Citizenship, and Belonging in South Asian American Literature.
  • Dr. Susan Meyers (English): Move: A Memoir for the Americas.
  • Dr. Sean McDowell (English): Henry Vaughan's Poetic Return to Wales: The Bardic Tradition and Silex Scintillans.
  • Dr. Kirsten Thompson (Film Studies): Breezy Brands and Creative Commercials: Animated Advertising in Cinema, Television and New Media.

She recognized the judging panel, Dr. Angelique Davis, Dr. Naomi Hume, Dr. Molly Welsh, and Dr. Tanya Hayes and acknowledged Kate Reynolds for her administrative support.

Dr. Mary-Antoinette Smith, Associate Professor in the English Department, is the Gaffney Endowed Chair 2018-19 and 2019-20 for her proposal entitled Tender Mercies: Moving from a Kaírós of Mercy to Creating the Beloved Community for a Just and Humane World. Dr. Smith notes  her proposal “is inspired by the complementary global visions of Pope Francis and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., in which the former inaugurated the Jubilee Year of Mercy (December 8, 2015 to November 20, 2016) while the latter began promoting his ideal of creating an all-inclusive Beloved Community in 1958.”

Dr. Gabriella Gutierrez y Muhs, Professor of Women and Gender Studies, was selected as the Pigott-McCone Endowed Chair in the Humanities 2018-19 and 2019-20 for her proposal entitled Unimagined Entities:  The Geometric Geographies of Subjectivities. Dr.  Gutierrez y Muhs’s ongoing research and creative works explore “intersectionality, and literary criticism, as well as creative writing in the areas of Latin American and US Latin@ literature with a focus on subjectivity and intersectionality.” Along with taking time to move forward on her scholarly and creative projects in these areas, she plans to organize several workshops with on campus that focus on Latin@ life and culture, diversity and intersectionality.

Kirsten Moana Thompson, PhD, recently delivered four conference papers.

  • “The Color Revolution: The Disney Studio, Du Pont and Faber Birren” Classical Hollywood Studies in the 21st Century, Wilfred Laurier University, Canada, May 11-13, 2018
  •  “Harvey Weinstein, # MeToo, #TimesUpNow, and Social Media” Ends of Cinema, Center for 21st Century Conference, Milwaukee, WI, May 3-5, 2018
  •  “The Color Revolution: The Disney Studio, Du Pont and Faber Birren” Color in Film III Conference London, UK, March 19-22, 2018
  • “Arab Cinema and Animated Advertising: From the Frenkels to Future TV”, Cinema of the Arab   World, American University in Cairo, Egypt, March 2-5, 2018              

She has also been appointed a Pacific Studies Performance Based Research External Reviewer for Pacific Studies Research in the 2018 National evaluations of all New Zealand university Research Outputs (every seven years all research outputs for NZ universities are evaluated by external commissioners). 

Dominic CodyKramers, MFA, created the sound design for an enhanced reading of the new play Visible Grace by Lewis John Carlino.  It was directed by Victor Pappas at the Erickson Theatre and presented by ShadowCatcher Entertainment.

Jacqueline Helfgott, PhD is the co-author of A Qualitative Approach to Understanding Guardian Models of Policing by Helfgott, Strah, Pollock, Atherley, and Vinson.

She is also quoted in the article, 5 Things to Know about Fighting Crime with Classical Music, on

Caitlin Ring Carlson, PhD, was featured on 88.5 FM on May 21, talking about a project on how online harassment impacts press freedom among women journalists in the U.S. She is presenting the results of that study at the International Association of Media and Communication Research Conference in Eugene, OR in May.

Marc McLeod, PhD, will deliver a presentation entitled “Moving Images of Empire: The War Of 1898 in Motion Pictures” at the 36th International Conference of the Latin American Studies Association in Barcelona, Spain, May 23 through 26.

Amelia Seraphia Derr, PhD, recently completed the second annual Immigrant Family Institute (IFI), an eight-week program designed to build relationships and trust between immigrant and refugee families and Seattle City service providers.  Dr. Derr co-developed and co-leads this program through the City of Seattle Office for Immigrant and Refugee Affairs.  The IFI was covered by local news venues:

Dr. Derr’s article "Examining Heterogeniety of Social Support among Asian and Latino Immigrants in the United States: A Latent Class Analysis” will be published in the June edition of the International Journal of Health, Wellness, & Society.

Hye-Kyung Kang, PhD, Associate Professor and MSW Program Director, presented her paper, Community-based participatory research to promote community capacity development: Principles, practices, and challenges, at the European Conference for Social Work Research (Edinburgh, UK), in April.

Julie Homchick Crowe, PhD, published an Op-Ed in the Seattle Times, The Art of Distraction in Trump’s New Truth Era.

French Colonial Historical Society’s 44th Annual Meeting took place at the Hotel Sorrento from May 31 to June 2, and Seattle University was a sponsor. About 150 people participated. Hazel Hahn, PhD, served as the chair of the Program Committee. She also chaired a panel and moderated a book-prize session. Ten Seattle University undergraduates worked at the conference as interns and volunteers.

Julie Homchick Crow, PhD, co-authored. “Paleomythologies: The Spiritual Persuasion of Evolution.” POROI 4(1) (available here) with Gregory Schneider-Bateman. She  gave a talk on this piece in May to the Paleontology Department at UW. She also published.  “The article that shook the public: Understanding “The Really Big One” and news coverage of non-imminent disasters.” In “The Really Big One”: Risk, Health and Environmental Communication. Eds. Jeanette Lovejoy and Vail Fletcher. Lexington Press, 2018.

Associate Professor of Theology and Religious Studies Patrick Kelly, S.J., PhD, was significantly involved with the Catholic Church’s first major document on sports, which was released this month. Having contributed to the revision of “Giving the best of yourself: A document about the Christian perspective on sport and the human person,” Father Kelly was one of four speakers participating in a press conference announcing its release at the Vatican on June 1. Read more.

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Aerica Shimizu Banks, who graduated in 2010 with a degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in Public Affairs, is featured on the main SU news site.

Ben McCarthy, MFA ’14, has been named Executive Director at Three Dollar Bill Cinema.

Ariana Chriest, BA, Interdisciplinary Arts Leadership and Theatre, is now at the Village Theatre.

Scott Brothers, BCJ, Criminology & Criminal Justice 2007, is a principal in Sospes Process and Safety Software, a mobile-based application that allows employers to submit real-time reports for such things as workplace injuries, close calls, security threats and substandard conditions. Their work was recently featured in Tulsa Word.

Two recent Arts and Science SU alums won Fulbright awards to begin in Fall 2018. Emily Kawahigashi, International Studies, ’16, won a fellowship to research on indigenous cultures and higher education in Nicaragua. Olivia Mejia, International Studies with Departmental honors and minors in Political Science and French, ’17, won a fellowship to teach English in Colombia. Read more here.

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Anthropology student Julia Grief wrote Building Common Ground & Discovering Strong Hearts, a reflection on her experience with Seattle University Global Exchange Program in Tijuana, Mexico. The blog post was written as part of her internship with One Equal Heart Foundation.

Caroline Daniel, (BFA Photography, 2019) published her first article in Consequence of Sound, Sasquatch! 2018 Photo Gallery: Explosions in the Sky, David Byrne, Slowdive, Anderson .Paak.

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Now through June 20, Vachon Gallery

Senior Exhibition

Graduating seniors Mia McNeal, Stephanie Lara, and Olivia Donahue exhibit the results from a year-long effort in the development of a cohesive body of work, inclusive of three consecutive quarters of classes dedicated to their projects.

Now through Aug. 12, Hedreen Gallery

in a split second (it happened.)

Danny Jauregui, Dan Paz and Elise Rasmussen are artists who produce original research in forms of video, photography, print and sculpture. In this exhibition, each artist shares a distinct suite of artworks that simultaneously excavates, acknowledges and memorializes a site of invisibilized historical trauma and collective loss.

Now through August 31, ADAL, Kinsey Gallery

Imagining the World Photo Competition

June 7, Building 1103, noon to 2 p.m.

Communication Department Research and Project Fair

June 7, Pigott Auditorium, 7 p.m.

“Ignite Project Homelessness,” an evening of storytelling about homelessness, in the popular Ignite format of a five-minute story with 20 slides, 15 seconds per slide. SU’s Project on Family Homelessness is hosting the event in partnership with the Seattle Times Project Homeless reporting team. Free; register here.

June 8, 3:30-6 p.m., Casey Atrium & Patio

A&S All College Day. Join us for our annual faculty and staff end-of-year celebration and presentation of Outstanding Faculty and Staff Awards.

June 11, 4-6 p.m., Lee Center for the Arts

Retirement celebration for Carol Wolfe Clay, Professor, MFA in Arts Leadership (Theatre) and Director of Graduate Practicums, MFA in Arts Leadership, and Dr. Joy Sherman, Director of Vocal and Choral Music, Fine Arts

June 15, 4-6 p.m., Pigott Auditorium and Atrium

College of Arts & Sciences Awards Ceremony and Reception.

June 16, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., PIGT 102 and 103

MFA Arts Leadership Summary Project Presentations.

More College of Arts and Sciences events

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Graduate Program Information Sessions

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Academic Calendar

  • June 11, Last Class Day, Spring Quarter
  • June 12-16, Final Exam Week, Spring Quarter
  • June 16, Baccalaureate
  • June 17, Commencement
  • June 20, Grades Due by Noon
  • June 20, Grades Posted on SU Online by 6pm
  • June 25, First 4-week, 8 week & 10 week Session Begins
  • June 29, Last Day to Add/Drop or Change Grading Option, First 4-week
  • July 4, Independence Day: No Classes
  • July 9, 10, 12, 13, 16, 17, 19, 20, Summer in Seattle - New Student Orientations
  • July 10, Last Day to Withdraw, First 4-week Session
  • July 21, Last Class Day, First 4-week Session
  • July 23, Second 4-week Session Begins
  • July 27, Last Day to Add/Drop or Change Grading Option, Second 4-week Session
  • July 30, Last Day to Withdraw, 8-week and 10-week Session
  • August 1, Last Day to Remove “N” Grade: Summer 2017

Save the Date: A&S and SU Beginning of the Year Events

  • Sept. 11-12, See schedule, SU: New Faculty InstituteNew Faculty Institute, All New Full Time Faculty
  • Sept. 11, noon-5 p.m., tentative, A&S: New Chairs/Directors Workshop, New Chairs & Directors of A&S Departments and Programs
  • Sept. 13, 9 a.m. -3 p.m., tentative, A&S: Grad Directors Retreat, Directors of A&S Grad Programs
  • Sept. 17, 12:30-4 p.m., A&S Convocation, All A&S Faculty & Staff
  • Sept. 18, TBA, A&S: New Transfer Student Welcome, A&S Department Representatives & New TR Students
  • Sept. 21, 9-11 a.m., SU: President’s Welcome, All Faculty & Staff
  • Sept. 21, noon-5:30 p.m., A&S: Executive Committee Retreat, A&S Executive Committee Members
  • Sept. 24 , 10 a.m.-noon, A&S: New FTIC Student Welcome, A&S Department Representatives & New Students
  • Sept. 24, TBA, tentative, A&S: New Faculty Training, All New FT and PT A&S Faculty
  • Sept. 25, 9 a.m.-2 p.m., SU: Student Academic Day , A&S Department Representatives & New Students
  • Sept. 26, See schedule, SU: First Day of FQ Classes, SU Faculty, Staff and Students
  • Sept. 27, 3-5 p.m., SU: Provost’s Convocation, SU Faculty and Staff
  • Sept. 28, 10:30 a.m.-noon, SU: Mass of the Holy Spirit, SU Faculty, Staff & Students; classes cancelled from 10:05 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

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The Dean’s Monthly Memo is on hiatus for July and August. The next issue will go out September 4, 2018. Remember to send your updates to Karen Bystrom over the summer.