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March 5, 2020

Dear A&S Community,

    Good morning everyone, this morning's update is heavier on links. On the official university side, two key points to think about in finishing up the quarter are flexibility and continuity. Think about how you can be flexible if course attendance challenges arise, while working to provide continuity in the quality and style of course as you envisioned it when the quarter started. Talk to your chair or program director if you are thinking about significant changes. Also, keep those points in mind as you plan for the spring quarter.  I know this may not be easy, thanks for your work in advance. The major University update with concrete suggestions I expected yesterday should come out this morning. Watch for that official email later today. 

     Unofficially, two web-based support components the email will mention are already available on the website now and here's where you can find them.  First, all faculty and staff now have free access to Zoom Pro. It is a web meeting software that can handle audio and video, and the "Pro" version adds more functions than what we've already had with Zoom Basic. Think Skype or FaceTime, but easier to use with large groups with lots of bells and whistles. You can learn how to sign up and get more information here: 

     Second, the email will have more information on tutorials for using Canvas more comprehensively. They can be found here: 

One advantage of both of those tools over other options is that they are designed to work on smartphones in addition to working on a computer, improving breadth of access. 

    Also, SU's HR web site now has information about COVID-19 on their home page, including a place where you can write in additional questions: They plan to follow up with an email to supervisors later today, but please follow up with me or Lisa Ferrin in the Dean's office as concerns arise, we want to understand what the concerns are and how things are going in communication with you and HR. 

 Again, watch for the faculty support email, which I presume will also be posted on the website If you are wondering what emails have been sent out to students, look on that web site in the "Prior Messages to Campus" for titles that either say "Information sent to Seattle University students" or "to the Seattle University Community." Students received emails in either of those categories. I've mentioned the web site also includes links to county, state, national and world health organizations and a key posting from King County provides general information and helpful tips 

Here is a story in the Seattle Times this morning and has been picked up by ESPN. Both Chicago State and University of Missouri at Kansas City have cancelled basketball games against Seattle U. There are still no known cases among Seattle University students, faculty or staff, but concern outside our region is picking up beyond what you might expect given the facts. Anyway, here you go:

I have mentioned standard health precautions in previous posts (hand washing, social distancing, etc), I would add here that if you get sick and are concerned it is more than a cold or the flu, call your physician for a phone screening but don't immediately go to their office or the emergency room if you are concerned you may have the coronavirus. They will conduct a phone screen and determine if you need to go get tested. 

Finally, I've been happy to hear how many of you are finding this daily  post helpful; I will keep it up but that's probably enough from me for today.

Here is what Dr. Mike Myint shared this morning, on hand washing:

 One of my favorite hand hygiene videos. Mostly geared towards healthcare workers. And yes, there is a right way to wash/sanitize your hands. Hand hygiene made cool with overly dramatic music. Enjoy! 

Warmest regards,


David V. Powers, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Seattle University