Monday, March 30, 11:27 AM

March 30, 2020

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a chance to enjoy the great weather we had yesterday in some fashion.

This is Spring Quarter Prep Week. We have this week as an extra week to prepare for the April 6 start of classes. Please do three things:

1) Prepare your class material for distance and virtual delivery beginning Monday, April 6.

2) Do test runs to see what is working and contact the Service Desk if there are problems. Also notify Sally Hogan if you still need equipment and Kevin Krycka if there is a software issue.

3) Reach out to the students who are registered for your class. Some ideas for checking in are to ask how they’re doing, explain the mix of “live” and asynchronous course material you expect to provide in the coming quarter and see what questions they have or issues they face.  

University and College resources for students. The university COVID-19 update page offers the broadest and most up-to-date university information.  A university-wide “Virtual Service Center” is in development but you can also refer students to the A&S Student Advising Center for general support and to our Advising Center student resources page for university and external links organized by type of resource.  

Check the university web site on instructional continuity for tips on Distance/Virtual Teaching:  It is here and includes tips for students as well as for faculty.

Budget planning: As I mentioned Friday, the budget picture will be very unclear until we see where enrollment lands for spring and fall (FSS noted this point in their “wrap-up” email sent Friday afternoon at 2:17). Thursday afternoon on the university COVID-19 update page the university announced a hold on new staff hires, also announcing a continuation of student worker support through April 15. I am considering exception requests to put forward to the Provost around the staff hiring freeze. However, given the high level of uncertainty the bar will likewise be high for such exceptions. Whatever changes come as we adapt to our current circumstances, we will continue with the priorities I mentioned in earlier updates: Public health and safety, academic excellence, supporting our students and our full community. I am inspired by the work I see all of you doing and it remains vitally important to our success moving forward. We will continue to use the shared governance processes we have to develop and share recommendations and decisions at the college level and look to the university bodies to do the same at that level.


Federal social distancing guidelines are extended until April 30th  as noted here, and a similar statewide extension is expected.

Governor Inslee has appointed a “COVID-19 czar” for the state. More info here (seems we still see the “czar” title as a positive way to frame crisis leadership roles…).

Mike Myint update: A little shorter than the past few weeks but he is still at it. He also provides a brief glimpse into statewide coordination of health resources:

Virology Basics - Peter Piot from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

A nice primer on basic virology and basic info about the Covid-19 (C19) disease in a Q & A format that some may find helpful.

This weekend, I participated on a state call bringing ID specialists together from across the state to discuss how to best prepare our hospitals for care for patients with C19 and keep healthcare personnel safe while doing this. Increasing information is coming out and there are fantastic professionals involved in trying to translate that into workable solutions given the constraints due to the worldwide supply chain issues. We still find conflicting guidance from the CDC and WHO challenging and resolving this will take some time. I am appreciative of the State of WA listening and helping to get statewide standards around use of PPE.


100 Questions of Peter Piot, LSHTM Director