College of Arts and Sciences
Environmental Studies

Learning Outcomes

  • The Environmental Studies curriculum is designed so that our students will achieve the following objectives:


    To investigate environmental issues from a rigorous interdisciplinary perspective by integrating insights and information from the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities.  Our students will:

    • Demonstrate a scientific understanding of the physical and biological dynamics of  global ecologies  including  first-hand knowledge of local and regional ecosystems
    • Analyze the social, economic, and political and policy dynamics involved in both the emergence and the resolution of environmental problems
    • Explain and analyze the historical development, ethical implications, and religious dimensions of the human relationship with the nonhuman world


    To use quantitative, research, and communication skills effectively for analyzing and addressing environmental problems, issues, or concerns.  Our students will:

    • Produce a professionally competent empirical research report using statistical and quantitative methods
    • Produce a major capstone research paper that demonstrates disciplinary expertise and professional standards in student's area of specialization