College of Arts and Sciences
Women and Gender Studies Program

Learning Outcomes

  • Seattle University undergraduate Women and Gender Studies students should be able to:

    • Read, understand, and evaluate feminist theories and scholarship, engage in critical debates, and apply feminist critical perspectives across disciplines.
    • Analyze the intersections between gender and other socially meaningful categories, such as race, class, gender identity, ethnicity and sexuality, and explain how gender functions as a social institution.
    • Write and speak effectively from feminist perspectives in different communication contexts in order to analyze academic and social issues.
    • Produce an effective research proposal that articulates a research question from a feminist perspective, includes  a critical literature review, selects appropriate research methodologies and methods, and proposes an appropriate research design  to collect, analyze, interpret, and present findings.
    • Develop and present a senior portfolio that combines work throughout the major with a summary reflection paper that demonstrates mastery of concepts connected to women studies. 

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