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Kari Berkas
Program Coordinator

Dr. Kelsey Erickson will be on campus on May 23rd to talk about the pressures and impacts of doping in collegiate athletics. In her talk, she will highlight perspectives to consider for athletes, coaches, and anyone considering a career in the field of sport science. 

May 23rd, 2016
6:00 PM
Bannan 401
Presented by the Center for the Study of Sport and Exercise. Open to the Public.

About Dr. Erickson

Dr. Kelsey Erickson recently completed her PhD at Leeds Beckett University (LBU; United Kingdom) entitled “Doping in Sport: A cross-national qualitative analysis of Track and Field athletes”. Partially funded by the International Association of Athletics Foundation (IAAF), Kelsey’s thesis adopted a novel narrative approach to explore UK and US Track and Field athletes’ attitudes, experiences and behaviors towards doping in sport.  As such, it simultaneously considered the potential impact of the university environment within the context of sport doping.  Detailing the previously undocumented relational aspects of doping, Kelsey’s findings have the potential to change traditional anti-doping research methodologies, education, and policy procedures locally and globally.

Following the recent completion of her PhD, Kelsey has now commenced a two-year postdoctoral research position funded by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in cooperation with LBU. The project – an extension of her doctoral research – involves designing, implementing and evaluating an intervention to promote Clean Sport (i.e., doping-free) within university student-athlete populations in the US, UK and Canada.  Given the multi-national reach of the project, Kelsey has returned to the US to carry out the research.