Naef Scholarship Award

First awarded in 1983 and named after Sue Naef, who left her estate to the university for scholarships upon her death in 1982. Those eligible for the award are nominated by any member of the university community and a full-time student in the Albers School, College of Arts and Science, School of Nursing and Matteo Ricci College.

Along with our Sullivan Scholars and Bannan Scholars, the Naef Scholars are among the university’s very finest students,” wrote Father Sundborg. “To be eligible for the scholarship, students must be undergraduates in their junior and senior years who have maintained a GPA of 3.4 or above. They must also demonstrate leadership potential and a commitment to serving the university and the wider community.

NAEF Scholarship Program


"I just want to express deep gratitude for the support of my professors, advisors and mentors in both Psychology and Theology and Religious Studies!"

Claire Lucas, Psychology and Theology and Religious Studies 2018-2019 Naef Scholar

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"Thank you to those in the Psychology and Criminal Justice departments that have guided and supported me through my academic journey."

Mariana Renteria Hernandez, Psychology and Criminal Justice 2018-2019 Naef Scholar