Faculty and Staff

Photo of Connie G. Anthony, PhD

Connie G. Anthony, PhD

PhD, Political Science

Associate Professor, Political Science

Phone: 206.296.5454

Building/Room: Casey 410-02

Photo of Onur Bakiner, PhD

Onur Bakiner, PhD

PhD, Political Science

Associate Professor

Phone: 206.296.5447

Building/Room: Casey 410-14

Photo of Angelique Davis, JD

Angelique Davis, JD

JD, University of Washington

Associate Professor, Political Science
Associate Appointment, Global African Studies, Pre-Law Program, Women and Gender Studies

Phone: 206.296.2258

Building/Room: Casey 410-08

Photo of Yitan Li, PhD

Yitan Li, PhD

PhD, Politics and International Relations

Department Chair and Associate Professor, Political Science
Director, Asian Studies Program

Phone: 206.296.2056

Building/Room: Casey 410-16

Photo of Erik Olsen, PhD

Erik Olsen, PhD

PhD, Political Science

Associate Professor, Political Science

Phone: 206.296.5453

Building/Room: Casey 410-06

Photo of Melissa Poquiz

Melissa Poquiz

BA, Communication

Administrative Assistant, History and Political Science

Phone: 206-296-5450

Building/Room: Casey 410

Photo of Patrick L. Schoettmer, PhD

Patrick L. Schoettmer, PhD

PhD, American Politics


Phone: 206-296-5450

Building/Room: Casey 410-12

Photo of Stephanie Stanley, MA

Stephanie Stanley, MA

PhD Candidate, Political Science

Adjunct Faculty

Phone: 206-220-8431

Building/Room: Rianna 102

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Yitan Li, PhD

Patrick Schoettmer, PhD
Internship Coordinator 

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Administrative Assistant