Aidan Avery Cuba Photographs

My time in Cuba was marked most significantly by an unfamiliar sense of general community and social openness that I felt amongst the Cuban people. The streets are constantly alive with people—using payphones, walking through the markets, waiting in line, sitting on their doorsteps, calling out to each other in the street. Amongst the bright, worn colors and the aged architecture there is a steady current of movement and interaction, and stepping into the streets of Havana felt like inadvertent participation.

For me, street photography is candid, but it is not documentary. It is the interaction of the artist with a subject that s/he helps to comprise; the street. From this—the blending of artist and subject—come renderings that show the beauty in the regular going about of human life, momentary flickers of recognition in subjects, the capturing of human gesture, and so on, all within the greater context of a time and a place.

It is my hope that my photography explores this unique space occupied by the art form while conveying the vibrancy, liveliness, and social vivacity that I felt walking the streets of Cuba.

Aidan Avery
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