Paulette Kidder, PhD

PhD, Philosophy

Associate Professor, Philosophy

Phone: 206.296.5466

Building/Room: CASY 419

Paulette Kidder CV

Teaching and Research Interests

Courses taught at Seattle University include Ethics, Gender and Social Reality, Hermeneutics, and Nineteenth Century Philosophy. Dr. Kidder has been an instructor in the Seattle University Honors Program, Matteo Ricci College, and Women's Studies Program.


Dr. Kidder's work is concentrated in the areas of Ethics, Hermeneutics, and Gender Studies. Her doctorate was received from Boston College in 1989 and she joined the Seattle University Philosophy Department that year.

Selected Publications

“Lonergan and the Feminist Critique of Informed Consent,” forthcoming in volume to be published in conjunction with the Istituto Italiano di Filosofia.
“Martha Nussbaum on Dickens’s Hard Times,” Philosophy and Literature, vol. 33 (2), October 2009, pp. 417-426.
“Ethics and Moral Development, Gender Differences” in O’Brien, Jodi, editor, Encyclopedia of Gender and Society. Sage Publications, 2009.
“Abortion Rights,” “Justice,” and “Utilitarianism,” in Darity, William A., Jr. International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd edition. 9 vols. Detroit: Macmillan Reference USA, 2008.
“Derrida and Lonergan on the Gift” in Lonergan Workshop, vol. 18, 2005.
"Gift Exchange and Justice in Families," Journal of Social Philosophy 32 (2) Summer 2001, pp. 157-173.
"Healing and Creating in the Work of Martha Nussbaum," Method: Journal of Lonergan Studies 17 (1999).
"Plurality, Love, Marriage: Debating Justice in the Family," Lonergan Workshop 12, 1996.
"Gadamer and the Platonic Eidos," Philosophy Today, Spring 1995.
"Woman of Reason: Lonergan and Feminist Epistemology," in Lonergan and Feminism, edited by Cynthia S.W. Crysdale, University of Toronto Press, 1995.

Selected Presentations

“Gattaca and the Ethics of Prenatal Testing,” Seminar on Faith, Film, and Philosophy, Gonzaga and Whitworth Universities, Spokane, Washington, October 8-9, 2010.
“Cosmopolis and Cosmopolitanism.” Lonergan Workshop, Boston, 2010.

Professional Affiliations

American Philosophical Association
American Catholic Philosophical Association
American Association of University Women
National Association of Women in Catholic Higher Education