2 Year Schedule


Department of Philosophy
Academic Year 18-20


FALL 2018WINTER  2019SPRING 2019
PHIL 2600: Logic (Fisher) PHIL 3020: Medieval Philosophy (Fisher) PHIL 1000: Origins of Philosophy (Carl or Fisher)
PHIL 3010: Ancient Philosophy (Dombrowski) PHIL 3620: Existentialism (Risser) PHIL 2600: Logic (Hung)
PHIL 3260: Philosophy of Law (Carl) PHIL 3170: Philosophy of Art (Paul Kidder) PHIL 3030: Modern Philosophy (Hung)
PHIL 4380: Philosophy of Language (Rellihan) PHIL 3910: Queer Theory (Cisneros) PHIL 3910: Feminist Theories (Cisneros)
  PHIL 4850: Nussbaum (Paulette Kidder) PHIL 4300: Advanced Logic (Rellihan)
    PHIL 4850: Nietzsche (Sena)


FALL 2019WINTER  2020SPRING 2020
PHIL 2600: Logic (Rellihan) PHIL 1000: Intro to Philosophy (Rellihan) PHIL 2600: Logic (Rellihan)
PHIL 3010: Ancient Philosophy (Carl) PHIL 3020: Medieval Philosophy (Fisher) PHIL 3030: Modern Philosophy (Hung)
PHIL 3060: Philosophy and Psychology (Veith) PHIL 3410: Buddhist Philosophy (Wirth) PHIL 3330: Philosophy of Science (Rellihan)
PHIL 3080: Philosophy and Literature (Hung) PHIL 3910: Philosophical Questions in AI (Kiyimba PHIL 3620: Existentialism (Paul Kidder)
PHIL 3780: Environmental Philosophy (Wirth)  PHIL 4290: Topics: Oppression and Resistance (Cisneros) PHIL 4200: Virtue Ethics (Carl)
PHIL 3910: Queer Theory (Cisneros)  PHIL 4370: Philosophy of Mind (Rellihan)  PHIL 4850: Rawls (Dombrowski)
  PHIL 4850: Arendt (Risser)