Scheduling Form

Music Lesson Scheduling Form

Before filling out this form:

  • Register for your intended lesson. You will be put on a wait list. Instructors will use this form to move students off the wait list into the course. This form will not register you for the course.
  • Read the below policies. By submitting this form, you are agreeing to abide by these policies.

Private Lesson General Policies:

  • Students are required to practice every day.
  • Assignments need to be completed before each lesson.
  • If you have an urgent question you need to call or email your instructor.
  • Missing more than two lessons or not completing the required course work will result in an "F."
  • There is no guarentee that the instructor will reschedule missed lessons.

I understand that my instructor will contact me to schedule lessons during the first week of the quarter and it is my responsibility to confirm my lesson time with him/her before the Last Day to Add/Drop, or I may be dropped on the Last Day to Add/Drop.

* If you think you may have a disability (including an invisible disability such as a learning disability, a chronic health problem, or a mental health condition) that interferes with your performance as a student in this class, you are encouraged to arrange special support services and/or accommodations through Disabilities Services in Loyola 100 (206-296-5740 or You should also let your instructor know at the beginning of the course.

If you have any questions please contact Administrative Assistant Miles Schlagel:


Ki Gottberg, MFA

Rosie Sabaric
Program Coordinator

Em Olson
Operations Manager