Faculty and Staff

Photo of Harmony Arnold, MFA

Harmony Arnold, MFA

MFA, Costume Design

Associate Professor, Performing Arts & Arts Leadership (Theatre, Costume)

Phone: Studio: 206.296.2837

Building/Room: Fine Arts 215

Photo of Aly Bedford, BFA

Aly Bedford, BFA


Academic Program Coordinator, Performing Arts & Arts Leadership
Academic Program Coordinator, Art, Art History & Design

Phone: 206-296-5360

Building/Room: Fine Arts 202

Photo of Bob Boehler, MA

Bob Boehler, MA

MA, Theater

Production Manager, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership

Phone: 206.296.5373

Building/Room: CNFA 150A

Photo of Jeffrey Bowen, DMA

Jeffrey Bowen, DMA

DMA, Musical Composition

Adjunct Faculty, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership (Guitar)

Phone: 206-296-5360

Building/Room: Hunthausen 062

Photo of William Braun, DMA

William Braun, DMA

DMA, Chamber Music Performance

Instructor, Cello

Building/Room: HUNT 062

Photo of Amiya M. Brown, MFA

Amiya M. Brown, MFA

MFA, Theatrical Lighting Design


Building/Room: FINR 218

Photo of Erin Chung, DMA

Erin Chung, DMA

DMA, Piano Performance

Adjunct Professor, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership (Piano)

Phone: 206.296.5360

Building/Room: Fine Arts 202

Photo of Dominic CodyKramers, MFA

Dominic CodyKramers, MFA

MFA, Theatre Sound Design

Senior Instructor, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership

Phone: 206.296.2449

Building/Room: Fine Arts 122

Photo of Leann Conley-Holcom, DMA

Leann Conley-Holcom, DMA

DMA, Choral Conducting

Director of Choral and Vocal Activities

Building/Room: Fine Arts 115

Photo of Sarah Curtis-Tilton

Sarah Curtis-Tilton

Senior Administrative Assistant, Arts Leadership and Nonprofit Leadership

Phone: 206-296-5491

Building/Room: HUNT 226

Photo of Ki Gottberg, MFA

Ki Gottberg, MFA

Professor, Theatre

Phone: 206.296.5363

Building/Room: Fine Arts 213

Photo of Ross Hauck, MM

Ross Hauck, MM

MM and Artist Diploma

Adjunct Professor, Fine Arts (Vocal Music)

Phone: 206.296.2340

Building/Room: FINR 201

Photo of Roxy Hornbeck, MFA, PhD. candidate

Roxy Hornbeck, MFA, PhD. candidate

MFA, Arts Leadership

Assistant Professor, Arts Leadership

Phone: 206.398.5356

Building/Room: HUNT 209

Photo of Rosa Joshi, MFA

Rosa Joshi, MFA

MFA, Directing

Professor, Theatre

Phone: 206.296.5367

Building/Room: Fine Arts 211

Photo of Tina Kouratachvili

Tina Kouratachvili

MA, Piano Performance

Instructor, Fine Arts (Piano)

Phone: 206.296.5368

Building/Room: Fine Arts 112

Photo of Justin Kurys, DMA

Justin Kurys, DMA

DMA Viola and Chamber Music Performance

Instructor, Viola

Building/Room: HUNT 062

Photo of Kevin Maifeld, MFA

Kevin Maifeld, MFA

MFA, Theatre Management

Director, MFA in Arts Leadership
Director, Interdisciplinary Arts-Arts Leadership
Professor, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership

Phone: 206.296.5370

Building/Room: HUNT 214

Photo of Quinton Morris, DMA

Quinton Morris, DMA

DMA, Violin Performance

Director, Chamber and Instrumental Music
Associate Professor, Performing Arts and Arts Leadership
Associate Appointment, Global African Studies

Phone: 206.296.2699

Building/Room: HUNT 021

Photo of Emily Olson, BFA

Emily Olson, BFA

Operations Manager, Fine Arts

Phone: 206.296.2340

Building/Room: Fine Arts 201

Photo of Lee Peterson, DMA

Lee Peterson, DMA

DMA, Piano Performance

Assistant Director, Fine Arts (Choral Music)

Phone: 206.296.6428

Building/Room: Fine Arts 107

Photo of Byron Schenkman

Byron Schenkman

MA, Performance

Adjunct Faculty

Phone: 206.296.5360

Building/Room: FINR 201


Harmony Arnold, MFA
Department Chair

Aly Bedford
Program Coordinator

Em Olson
Operations Manager