For over 20 years, Matteo Ricci Institute has been offering college courses in local Catholic high schools through our Consortium Program. Consortium courses are taught by qualified high school faculty under the supervision of Seattle University faculty. Students who successfully complete the course(s) are eligible to earn college credit. The college credit is transferable to most colleges and universities.

The five Seattle-area Catholic high schools that make up the Consortium include: 

Students & Parents

Registering for College Credit

Complete the course Registration Form and return to your teacher, along with payment, by the following date:

  • Forest Ridge: December 11, 2019
  • All other high schools: May 1, 2020

For questions regarding registration and/ or payment please contact Christina Juarez at 206-296-2690.

Ordering Transcripts

You will receive a grade report and transcript-ordering instructions from the Registrar at Seattle University once your grades are posted and official transcripts are available.

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