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College of Arts and Sciences

Learning Center

Located on the third floor of the Lemieux Library, the center can provide the following services to the department and to the Seattle University community:

  • A Macintosh computer laboratory for the use of students and faculty.
  • Computer-assisted langauge software and video.
  • Coversion of any video standard worldwide to the NTSC standard used in the U.S. if copyright permitted.
  • Projected video viewing from VHS tape, DVD and laser discs.
  • Assistance in Digital Video creation and conversion to QuickTime movies using iMovie 2 or Final Cut Pro.
  • Language video programs in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Polish.
  • A collection of VHS, laser disc and DVD videos of foreign movies and documentaries.


The learning center contains the following equipment and development software:


  • 1 Mac G4 Dual 800 MHZ 80GB HD Computer
  • 1 Mac G4 867 MHZ 80GB HD CD/DVD Rom Computer
  • 12 iMac G3 Computers
  • 2 eMac G4 Computers
  • 3 iBooks
  • HP Laserjet Printer
  • Minolta Dimage Scan Elite - Slide Scanner
  • Epson 1680 Pro Scanner
  • 25 Koss & Sony headsets
  • Cyclone CD Duplicator


  • Pioneer Laser/DVD/CD Player
  • 2 Samsung Multi-System VCR Players
  • Epson LCD Projector
  • Surround sound - KLIPSCH Quintet Speaker System

Developmental Software

  • Photoshop 7.0
  • Final Cut Pro 3
  • iMovie 2
  • La Taupe & A travers la lumière

Video Development

  • Several camcorders (Includes: 1 Canon GL1 DV Camcorder and 1 Canon Optura DV Camcorder)
  • Bogen Tripod
  • Azden wireless microphones
  • Hollywood DV Bridge Conversion Analog to Digital video