Get Up and Move

Graphic for Get up and MoveThe Kinesiology Department led a “Get Up and Move” campaign October 1 through 7 to support our initiatives and further connect with our community. The campaign highlighted the national exercise guidelines of at least 150 minutes of physical activity, while giving the community an opportunity to pledge their support and help Kinesiology launch future health and wellness initiatives.

“During this week, departmental faculty, staff, and students pledge to complete at least 150 minutes of physical activity,” said Dr. Sarah Shultz, Chair of Kinesiology. “We will track our minutes and you can watch progress on our website, or through the College of Arts and Sciences Facebook page and new Instagram account.”

She added, “On October 8, we will celebrate the end of our inaugural campaign with one of our new community partners, U-Power, by participating in their annual dodgeball tournament, Dodge for a Cause.”

Although the physical activity challenge is over, you can make a gift at any time:

Give now here - choose "Get Up & Move - Kinesiology" from the dropdown menu (the 10th item in the list.)

Employer matching gift programs can increase the impact of your gift to Seattle University. As a non-profit organization and 501(c)3 charity, Seattle U qualifies for many of these programs

Meet the Participants in the Physical Activity Challenge

About the Campaign

Earlier in the summer, the College of Arts and Sciences announced the addition of the new Master of Science in Kinesiology, set to begin Fall 2020. The incoming program has encouraged our Kinesiology Department to consider innovative ways to engage faculty, staff, and students with research and the community.

The first initiative will establish a Mobile Equipment Laboratory (MEL), transforming an ordinary vehicle (RV, Box Truck, Cargo Van) into a space that is capable of answering important questions surrounding any individual’s quality of life and quality of movement. “MEL takes full advantage of cutting-edge wearable technology, which will provide flexibility not only in how we research and how we educate, but also in how we connect with our community,” said Dr. Shultz.

Students, staff, and faculty will use MEL for engagement and outreach to schools, groups, and communities. It can provide hands-on learning experiences for Seattle U students, developing leadership for better health promotion and better science promotion.

“Get Up and Move for Kinesiology” donations support the launch of the new master’s program, and initially focus on getting MEL ‘up and moving’: purchasing of the infrastructure (RV/Box Truck/or similar) and necessary research equipment. Other program needs include student and faculty research funds, internship/fellowship assistantship sponsorships, and scholarship opportunities.