Women Veterans

Family homelessness among female veterans: WDVA Women Veterans Summit

Sadly, women veterans are far more likely than their civilian counterparts to become homeless. In 2011, we focused on the needs of women veterans and their families. Some highlights:

  • A segment on homelessness among female veterans, on KING-TV's "New Day Northwest" June 14, 2011, with veteran and advocate Sheila Sebron and Mary Forbes, assistant director of veteran services for the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA).
  • A panel discussion on homelessness among female veterans at the WDVA's Women Veterans Summit, Saturday, June 18, 2011 in Bellevue.  Read a summary and recommendations here: WDVA Women Veterans Summit Report.
If this project motivated you to take action, please view, "What Can We Do?" to learn about ways you can make a difference.