Here's a look back at some of our past work. For more current work, check out our Portfolio Site, a showcase of news about community events, collaborations with partners, data sharing and more.


Storytelling to End Family Homelessness

Share these advocacy tools that tell the stories of local families.

Art to End Family Homelessness

Learn how we used arts events to engage the public to end family homelessness.

Read some past reflections on how homelessness is portrayed in the arts -- film, music and more.

Take action with us on these civic engagement activities.

Learning About The Issues to End Family Homelessness

Read about contributing factors and consequences of family homelessness on the YWCA's Firesteel blog, the leading local source of content for advocacy to end homelessness:

Serving Veterans to End Family Homelessness

We turned to experts for advice on how to help thousands of active-duty servicemen and servicewomen return to civilian life and prevent the fast-growing numbers of family homelessness among veterans.

Journalism to End Family Homelessness

Seattle University's Center for Strategic Communications hosted a groundbreaking Journalism Fellowships program to help build public awareness of family homelessness in Washington state. Read how our Journalism Fellows have helped to tell the story of family homelessness in our region.



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