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News reporting on family homelessness is not as prevalent as you might think, given the significance of the issue.  These are some of the most significant stories published about family homelessness that we've seen, and they stand the test of time. 

These stories include both the reporting done as part of our Journalism Fellows program and reporting by other news organizations.

  • Journalism Fellowships on Family Homelessness -- Seattle University's Center for Strategic Communications hosted a groundbreaking Journalism Fellowships program to help build public awareness of family homelessness in Washington state. Read more about our 2011-2012 Journalism Fellowships

  • Other Media Coverage:  We've observed other great reporting on family homelessness, such as Scott Pelley's "60 Minutes" piece on families in Florida, "Hard Times Generation" (March 2011) and his follow-up piece featuring the memorable teenager Arielle Metzger, "Hard times generation: Families living in cars" (November 2011). The "Invisible Child" series in the New York Times was another landmark news project, bringing readers into the life of a little girl named Dasani.

  • Bob Woodruff of ABC News' "This Week" did a great piece on homelessness among veterans, including female veterans with children, which kick-started our focus on family homelessness among veterans and led to Mr. Woodruff's visit to Seattle.

  • Firesteel, the advocacy network of YWCAs in Washington state, is another excellent source of reporting on homelessness among families with children



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