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Project on Family Homelessness

The Project on Family Homelessness worked to increase public awareness and understanding of family homelessness and its causes and solutions, and to engage the public to end family homelessness. The Project was made possible by a series of grants from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Learn more about the Project on Family Homelessness here.


Past Projects

Seattle Vehicle Residency Research Program

The goals of the Seattle Vehicle Residency Research Program are to develop and utilize population/demographic data collection methods to improve public understanding of people who use public space to live within vehicle-homes.

Film & Family Homelessness Project

In 2013-14, thanks to a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Center established four fellowships for western Washington filmmakers. The Film Fellows worked with Seattle University students and community partners to create four animated short films that explored an aspect of family homelessness. Designed to raise awareness and drive action, the films, grouped under the title "American Refugees," provide a powerful springboard for discussion and advocacy. All four films premiered at the Seattle International Film Festival, the largest film festival in the United States, in May 2014. Watch these wonderful films online. 




The StoryCorps project, “Finding Our Way:  Puget Sound Stories About Family Homelessness,” tells the stories of families who have experienced homelessness recently or in their distant past — in their own words, as told to one another, or to a colleague or friend. Learn more.


In 2013-14, CSC worked with area filmmakers to develop four animated short films about real families, homelessness & resilience. Watch the Trailer for a sneak peek. Watch all the full length films, download the discussion guide, arrange a screening, and more here.


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