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Elder in Residence

Join us in welcoming Jeanne Raymond to the Indigenous Peoples Institute (Xavier 160).

Historian James Gregory at the University of Washington created a Web project entitled Seattle Civil Rights & Labor History Project, including a substantial section devoted to the experience of urban Indians in Seattle. The site features oral histories from activists Ramona Bennett, Willard Bill, Randy Lewis, Blair Paul, Jeanne Raymond, and Lawney Reyes. 

Jeanne Raymond attended Western Washington College in the late 1960s, where she took classes from Vine Deloria and participated in the American Indian Student Union’s Right to Be Indian Conference. After college, she was recruited to join the American Indian Studies Program at the University of Washington while attending graduate school in Spanish.  She taught American Indian Studies courses at Seattle Central Community College. Later, she served as President of the Parent Committee that co-founded Seattle’s American Indian Heritage High School, and worked for the High School as its Assistant Program Manager.

Jeanne is a great listener and has some great stories to share. Students, come spend some time with our resident elder and activist, Jeanne Raymond.

Jeanne sitting at a table with two native students in the IPI office with salish designed blanket in the background.

Jeanne visiting with a couple of Seattle U students.