Faculty and Staff

Photo of Robert Andolina, PhD

Robert Andolina, PhD

PhD, Political Science

Director, International Studies
Associate Professor, International Studies

Phone: 206.296.2481

Building/Room: Casey 417

Photo of Peter Blomquist, BA

Peter Blomquist, BA

BA, English

Adjunct Professor, International Studies

Phone: 206.220.8439

Photo of Serena Cosgrove, PhD

Serena Cosgrove, PhD

PhD, Sociology

Instructor, International Studies Program
Joint Appointment: Assistant Professor, Matteo Ricci college
Nicaragua Faculty Coordinator

Phone: 206.296.2836

Building/Room: Casey 1E

Photo of David Green, PhD

David Green, PhD

PhD, German Studies

Director, Center for Faculty Development
Associate Appointment, International Studies

Phone: 206.296.5386

Building/Room: HUNT 124

Photo of Nalini Iyer, PhD

Nalini Iyer, PhD

PhD, English

Professor, English
Associate Appointment, Asian Studies Program and Women and Gender Studies

Phone: 206.220.8467

Building/Room: Casey 511

Photo of Reine Mages

Reine Mages

Administrative Assistant, International Studies, Global Awareness Program, Latin American StudiesAssociate Appointment, Asian Studies Program

Phone: 206.296.2487

Building/Room: Casey 4E

Photo of Marc McLeod, PhD

Marc McLeod, PhD

PhD, History

Director, History
Associate Professor, History
Director, International Studies Program
Associate Appointment, International Studies and Latin American Studies

Phone: 206.296.5417

Building/Room: Casey 414

Photo of Paul B. Milan, PhD

Paul B. Milan, PhD

PhD, French

Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Cultures
Associate Appointment, International Studies

Phone: 206.296.5382

Building/Room: Xavier 118

Photo of Felipe Murtinho, PhD

Felipe Murtinho, PhD

PhD, Geography

Assistant Professor, International Studies
Associate Appointment, Institute of Public Service

Phone: 206.296.2088

Building/Room: Casey 432

Photo of Meenakshi Rishi, PhD

Meenakshi Rishi, PhD

PhD, Economics

Professor, Economics

Phone: 206.296.2078

Building/Room: Pigott 518

Photo of Nova Robinson, PhD

Nova Robinson, PhD

PhD, History

Assistant Professor, International Studies
Associate Appointment, History

Phone: 206.296.6994

Building/Room: CASEY 428

Photo of Tom Taylor, PhD

Tom Taylor, PhD

PhD, History

Department Chair, History
Associate Appointment, International Studies Program and Global Awareness Program

Phone: 206.296.5445

Building/Room: Casey 409

Photo of Enyu Zhang, PhD

Enyu Zhang, PhD

PhD, Political Science

Associate Professor, International Studies

Phone: 206.296.2819

Building/Room: Casey 422

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