History and Philosophy of Honors Program

The University Honors Program has been a part of the Seattle University educational experience for over 50 years. Originally conceived by Rev. Thomas O'Brien, S.J. in 1956, it debuted in 1959 as a University Core alternative.

The ethos of the University Honors Program draws from Jesuit educational goals: while emphasizing a rigorous academic education, it understands this education as a holistic one, encouraging the intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth of the student.  The Program is structured around the belief that a truly academic education leads students both to an understanding of the world in its diversity and to an understanding of themselves in the world.  A truly academic education, at the same time, instills in students a critical concern with such understanding, a desire to act ethically and responsibly on the basis of it, and an empowering impulse to ask further questions and explore new answers.

Contact Us

Sean H. McDowell, PhD
Director, University Honors Program
Professor, English
Email: mcdowell@seattleu.edu
Phone: 206.296.5306
Building: Casey 232

Yancy Dominick, PhD
Associate Director, University Honors Program
Senior Instructor, Philosophy
Email: dominick@seattleu.edu
Phone: 206.296.5475
Building: Casey 203

Katie Fitzpatrick, PhD
Associate Director, University Honors Program
Associate Professor, Economics
Email: fitzpatk@seattleu.edu
Phone: 206.220.8593
Building: Pigott 404

Thorne Clayton-Falls
Program Coordinator
University Honors Program
Email: claytont@seattleu.edu
Phone: 206.296.5305
Building: Casey 2E

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