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University Honors Program

Program Description

  • Distinctive Approach

    What makes the University Honors program distinctive is its foundation on a “march through history.” Over the course your first two years at Seattle University, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the humanities from the dawn of Mediterranean civilization to the present age.

    The journey begins during your first quarter of freshman year, when you plunge into the ancient world with courses in Philosophy, History and Literature, then, move forward in time, through the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance:


    First-Year Curriculum

      First Year Curriculum

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    In your sophomore year, your "march through history" continues with the Enlightenment, the 19th and 20th centuries, and ends with a pair of 300-level courses focused on 21st century problems:


    Second-Year Curriculum

    Curriculum Second Year

    Through this battery of engaging, interconnected seminars, you gain a deep knowledge of the humanities that is unparalleled by the regular university curriculum and ideally suited to address the problems of today.

    Meanwhile, the program contains built-in features aimed at developing essential writing and communication skills for your intellectual and professional development. Through our Socratic seminars, intensive writing and research instruction, and our oral exams every term, Honors students graduate from the program with the poise they need to excel as students in their majors and as prospective job candidates in interviews.