Application to the Program

Honors applications for freshmen entering in fall of 2018 are currently open!

  • Applicants who complete their Honors application by January 16th will receive notification about their place in the program by March 9th.
  • Following the January 16th deadline, admissions to the University Honors Program will be on a space available basis.

Start Your Application

  • If you have not already created an account, click the link that says “Please Register.”
  • Enter the required information and check your email for an activation link.

Upon logging in, click “Create New Application” on the right hand side of the page. Select “Honors Program Applicant” in the first drop down box; additional fields will be automatically populated. Click “Submit.” Complete the required sections and submit.

  • The Nursing major is compatible only with Innovations. Majors that are credit-intensive with required courses in the first year, such as science majors, fit best with the Innovations track.
  • The Biology major is an exception and is designed to fit specifically with either Intellectual Traditions or the Society, Policy, Citizenship track.
  • At this time, engineering students cannot be admitted to the University Honors Programs because of class schedule conflicts.
  • Matteo Ricci students are ineligible for the University Honors Program because its program of study has a separate curriculum.


If you have any questions about the Honors Program or your application, please contact Thorne Clayton-Falls:  or (206) 296-5305

Contact Us

Sean H. McDowell, PhD
Director, University Honors Program
Professor, English
Phone: 206.296.5306
Building: Casey 232

Yancy Dominick, PhD
Associate Director, University Honors Program
Senior Instructor, Philosophy
Phone: 206.296.5475
Building: Casey 203

Katie Fitzpatrick, PhD
Associate Director, University Honors Program
Associate Professor, Economics
Phone: 206.220.8593
Building: Pigott 404

Thorne Clayton-Falls
Program Coordinator
University Honors Program
Phone: 206.296.5305
Building: Casey 2E

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