Global Awareness Program

The Global Awareness Specialization is a two-year program open to all sophomores and juniors of any major in any college. The program allows students to enhance their majors with classes and experiences to prepare them for international careers and life experiences.

Why is this important?

The contemporary workplace is becoming more international, making it increasingly important to understand other economies, political systems and cultures to succeed professionally.

Global awareness and concern for the common good, too, are central to the Jesuit tradition. To live as a compassionate human being today requires people to be aware of the effects of natural disasters, crimes against humanity and poverty, whether these things occur three blocks away or 3,000 miles away.

What will the Global Awareness Specialization do for you?

Because many companies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations work across borders, they seek employees who are multi-lingual and internationally experienced.

The Seattle University Global Awareness Specialization will appear on students' diplomas and transcripts. Students will also amass an electronic portfolio of their experiences and accomplishments to use in job searches and on graduate school applications.

Global Awareness Specialization Features

The Global Awareness Specialization consists of the following:

  • six required classes
  • electives
  • multicultural experiences in Seattle and abroad
  • global engagement that includes service learning, study or travel • lectures
  • participation in a Seattle University multicultural or international club

Students can also incorporate Seattle University's International Development Internship Program into their specialization.

Global Awareness Specialization: The Uniquely Seattle University Experience

The Global Awareness Specialization is one of only a handful of programs like it in the country. Maximizing the talents of Seattle University's diverse and globally literate faculty, the Global Awareness Program is easily tailored to individual interests, whether students are interested in relief work in Eastern Europe or commerce in South America. Students also have an opportunity to take full advantage of the global opportunities and experiences available to them in one of the most international cities in the country--Seattle, Washington.

Scholarly Excellence - Global Awareness Program  

Go behind the scenes with some of Seattle U's most acclaimed faculty members in our Scholarly Excellence videos. Footage was taken during photo shoots for an academic research brochure and a special academic excellence edition of our alumni magazine. All videos by Eric Becker.


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