College of Arts and Sciences

Weird Sisters

  • Exhibitions Dates: May 9-June 16
    Artists: Kate Lebo, Kat Larson, Kate Ryan
    Curated by: Amanda Manitach

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    In conjunction with Seattle University's production of María Irene Fornés' Fefu and Her Friends, artists Kate Lebo, Kat Larson and Kate Ryan present work that calls forth the visual language, myth and ceremony associated with the feminine...perhaps wreaking a little havoc on it.

    Taking the cliché of domestic goddess to the next level (riffing on contemporaries like Rachael Ray and looking back to the bouffanted 50's housewife on the cover of Ladies' Home Journal), award-winning baker and writer Kate Lebo of Pie School fame puts her spin on the classic televised cooking show. Kat Larson invokes Goya's madwomen, alchemical elements and the topography of her own body. In a series of vignettes collectively titled Hydromancy, Kate Ryan (Implied Violence, Saint Genet) draws baroque beauty from materials both commonplace and sacred by playing with materials such as glassware, milk, and blood.

    Friday, June 7, 5-8 pm
    Kat Larson performs The Love Trust, a piece that focuses on the nature of colonies, exchange, risk, gifts, and figurative life and death experiences. Without giving it away, there will be a seven foot vitrine, live music and wine.

    Wednesday, May 29th 4-7 pm
    Kate Ryan presents a informal talk about her work and will be available for questions about her video.

    Sunday, June 16, 11 am-3 pm
    Kate Lebo presents a special Sunday brunch edition of Pie School along with the unveiling of a new manifesto, KITCHEN WITCH.