Departmental Honors

Students who are in their junior year and have earned a 3.5 or higher gpa overall and a 3.7 or higher gpa in the major are eligible to apply for English Honors status. This program provides exceptional students with the opportunity to synthesize their knowledge in a special project during senior year in preparation for graduate and professional work. Participating English and English/Creative Writing majors need to earn 10 credits in addition to their regular English/Creative Writing coursework. To earn these 10 credits they work closely with a faculty mentor, the director of Honors, and other English Honors students as they prepare their thesis. They will also have the opportunity to present their Honors Project at a public event before graduation on our campus.


Women and Gender Studies

Women and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program with a focus on women and gender. Students in the program deepen their understanding of the social and cultural constructions of gender which shape the experiences of women and men both nationally and internationally; understand and evaluate feminist critical scholarship and apply it across disciplines and in all areas of life; analyze the connections between gender inequalities and other forms of discrimination (for instance, sexuality, race, class, or ethnicity); and develop skills to deal effectively with gender issues. With its roots in social justice movements, the methods and goals of Women and Gender Studies support the Jesuit mission of education informed by ethical, spiritual, and intellectual values and prepare students to become effective and ethical leaders. The major is excellent preparation for work in a variety of fields, such as international development, public service, education, politics, advertising, journalism, health, counseling, social work, or pastoral work. Women and Gender Studies majors can also continue on to graduate studies in Women and Gender Studies, or in fields such as English, Law, History, Sociology, Social Work, or Political Science. Visit the Women and Gender Studies program website for more information. 

Director: Christina Roberts
Phone: (206) 296-2817
Email: robertch@seattleu.edu

Study Abroad

The English Department currently offers three study abroad courses.  ENGL 4550: AMERICANS IN PARIS focuses on the rise of “Modernism” in art, literature, and science, takes students to Paris and often to the south of France for two and a half weeks.  The course’s “Walkbook” of guided-journal writing assignments requires students to fully engage the paintings and the historical places.  Offered most summers since 1990, AMERICANS IN PARIS can satisfy the Core’s Interdisciplinary requirement or an English or general elective. For more information on AMERICANS IN PARIS  contact Edwin Weihe, eweihe@seattleu.edu.

The department now runs two study abroad trips to Ireland.  Updated information on both of these trips will available fall quarter.  For information on either of the trips to Ireland, contact Dr. Sean McDowell, mcdowell@seattleu.edu.

Normally students will register for these 5-credit courses in spring quarter for the Preparation Phase of 10-12 hours of class meetings.  If you are interested in summer abroad study, detailed course descriptions will be available, fall quarter, in the English Department.   

Graduate School

Thinking of going to Graduate School in literature, creative writing, or rhetoric and composition?  Your experience in Seattle University’s English Department will serve you well in such a pursuit, but realize that applying to and attending any graduate program is hard work!  The best thing you can do to prepare is to plan:  plan ahead and plan well.  To help you in your planning, check out the department’s Guide to Applying to Graduate School and Dr. Charles Tung's prize winning handout on writing your statement of purpose.  Contact Dr. Kate Koppelman, koppelk@seattleu.edu, for more information.