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Fragments and Axis Literary Magazines


    Fragments 2014Fragments, established in 1958, is an annual publication of the best literature and visual art of the Seattle University community. If you are interested in joining the staff, please contact Susan Meyers at Copies of Fragments are available in the English Department.

    Submission Deadline: February 16, 2016 at midnight. This year's theme is "Transgress." Submissions can be made via our submittable page.

    2016 Student Editors: Scott Broker and Chloe Traynor

    Example of a Previous Theme: In 2012, the theme was Labyrinth: A maze, a convoluted or intricate situation, a pre-set path for a meditative walk, or the anatomy of the inner ear.

    Introducing Axis:  While Fragments is traditionally a print publication, in Fall of 2013 it expanded to include new online offerings. The new partner journal is called Axis, and it will be published approximately twice per term throughout the academic year. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis from September through May.