Tara Roth, MA

Tara Roth, PhD

MA, English Language and Literature

Instructor, English

Phone: 206.296.2562

Building/Room: Rianna 108

Tara Roth CV

Teaching and Research Interests

Interests: Comp Rhetoric, Literature, Creative Writing

Current and Recent Courses: Current courses include: English 110 writing seminar: Sustaining Communities through Civic Inquiry and Action.  English 120, Intro to Lit, thematic focus: Music and Literature.

Dream or Future Courses: In the future I would like to teach courses related to rhetoric, music, and creative writing.
Tara Roth is a lecturer in English. She earned her B.A. in political science from Rockford College and her M.A. in English language and literature from Western Illinois University. She enjoys teaching Core courses in writing and Introduction to Literature. DCSJ themes are incorporated in each of her writing seminars, which currently focus on issues of sustainability and civic stewardship. In addition to teaching, her interests include creative writing and playing/recording music.