Loren T. Atherley, MACJ

MACJ, Criminal Justice

Adjunct Faculty

Phone: 206-296-5470

Building/Room: Casey 332



Loren Atherley holds a Master's degree in Criminal Justice from Seattle University, where he completed a thesis on behavioral profiling and serial sexual homicide, the Green River Killer and the offender Gary L. Ridgway. Currently the Senior Analyst for Compliance at the Seattle Police Department, Loren is principally responsible for research in support of federally mandated reform efforts. Additionally, Loren has conducted program evaluations and consults in the areas of criminal behavior and criminal justice, specifically: criminal and police behavior, threat assessment and threat management, use of force, and organization for law enforcement agencies, across the United States.  

Specialties: forensic criminal typologies, criminal investigations, criminal behavior, behavioral analysis, serial sexual homicide, criminal justice organizational analysis, fraud and identity theft, crime scene analysis and criminal intelligence.