Center for the Study of Crime and Justice

The Criminal Justice Research Center recognizes that crime and its prevention, response, and reparation are community concerns. We address those concerns through the integration of perspectives, strategies, and approaches based on evidence-based practices and collaborative engagement.

Our collaborative approach brings together researchers, academics, law enforcement personnel, judges, psychologists, sociologists, and others involved in the study of crime and the administration of justice. In addition to research and training, we conduct public events, engage in service initiatives, and serve as a referral resource for individuals affected by crime. 

Agencies participating in the Center for the Study of Crime and Justice represent the following areas:

  • Law enforcement
  • Courts
  • Corrections
  • Offender reentry
  • Victim services
  • Juvenile justice
  • Social services

As a component of the Criminal Justice Department, all of the Center’s research, training, and public information components involve undergraduate and graduate students. Students collaborate with faculty on research, in classroom service-learning projects, and projects for community organizations. Students may participate in the any of the center’s activities, including continuing education programs, executive sessions, and the executive academy.

The Seattle University Criminal Justice Department Programs are certified with the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences:

We are one of only ten programs in the United States to be certified by the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences and the only one west of the Rockies.


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