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Sharon James Lecture

  • The Sharon James lecture is dedicated to Dr. Sharon James who was a beloved professor, colleague, and leader until her untimely death in 1993. Sharon JamesAs the founding faculty member of the Communication Studies program, she envisioned and launched a major that combined the rigorous academic study of communication with an emphasis on using communication skills to build compassionate relationships with our fellow human beings and foster social justice. Willing to go to great lengths to help individual students, Sharon was teacher, mentor, and friend of her students, committed to their growth as individual persons. She was also passionate about making a difference in her environment, and the very existence of this department stands as testimony to her activism and willingness to argue and work for what she believed in.  

    2014 Sharon James Lecture 

    Ring, Caitlin“Pink Washing: The Direct Business of Selling Breast Cancer,” presented by Professor Caitlin Ring, April 16, 6 p.m. Casey Commons

    “The pink ribbon symbol has become a profit chip for corporations that entice buyers by claiming certain proceeds go to research, but they have no obligation to disclose what percentage, if any, actually goes to support breast cancer research,” Ring said. 

    Ring will explore the scope of pink washing for corporate profit and the need for regulations for cause marketing associated with breast cancer research.