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Natacha Maheshe

My degree helped me become a better writer, especially at a company like Amazon, where we have to write a 6-page narrative for 90% of our meetings instead of using PowerPoint. Becoming a good writer is part of what makes one a true Amazonian. My degree also taught me how to develop a messaging framework that I can apply to any industry regardless of the product/service I am marketing, which is a skill I’ve been able to leverage in both B2C and B2B situations.

Senior Product Marketing Manager - Relational Databases | Amazon Web Services

Sara Niegowski

Where I am today traces directly back to my undergraduate work at Seattle University. I learned how to think deeply and never be afraid to ask questions, which continues to feed my personal/professional curiosity and exploration many years later; I also learned the “why,” my responsibility as a human connected to my community and world, which provides a lens of compassion, care, and service in all that I do. And I do mean I directly owe my specific career path to SU: I had a professor who believed in me so much that he called a colleague and convinced her to create an internship for me, which led to my first full-time (dream) reporting job—in the midst of a super competitive market—when I graduated. That’s just what SU is, a community of people lifting up other people.

Chief Communications and Outreach Officer | Washington State Bar Association

Caitlin Joyce

My Seattle U education gave me the resources and skills to be successful in my career. I know the importance of telling compelling and authentic stories and of working collaboratively to achieve success.

Marketing Senior Specialist/Content Marketer | Moss Adams

Nicole Gaddie

The foundations of journalism are applied in my career in so many ways. From crafting the story and conducting interviews to staying up to date with current technology and expanding the ways we tell our stories.

Production Associate | Golf Channel

Angelica Rivera

The Communications Department at SU encourages students to find their passions and apply them into whatever they choose to pursue within the field. During undergrad, my professors supported my passion to integrate creativity and design into my work. With Communications being a new department at WithinReach, my degree has helped me to think outside the box and comfortable to take my organization in a new direction.

Communications Coordinator | WithinReach

Ben Nussbaum

The great thing about the Communications department at SU is that the skills I gained during my time have been easily transferable to the marketing industry. The branding and public relations skills have helped me rapidly grow the success of Jerald McDermott Photography and pave a path for years to come. If you have any questions about what it is like to work in digital marketing or the social media influencing industry, I am more than happy to talk!

Marketing & Media Coordinator, D2 Creative | Manager, Business Development & Branding Specialist, Jerald McDermott Photography

Justine Vanderveen

My degree ensured that no matter the audience, I can code switch and cater to the audience and accomplish the end goal. Ability to read your client, coworkers (etc.) and adjust to reflect their needs, is irreplaceable in this industry and my degree has set me up for success. Whether it’s a catering team, or the CEO, know who you are talking to and always be kind. My biggest advice would be to seek out as much experience as possible, even if it means you’re volunteering once a month. You can have all of the accolades, but without real life experience and a stellar portfolio, you won’t necessarily stand out.

Event Operations Coordinator | Opus Agency

Adrienne Blythe Hawley

With my degree from Seattle University, I have been able to travel the world and live and work in some pretty exciting places.

Adjunct Lecturer | Skagit Valley College