Faculty and Staff

Daniel Dombrowski, PhD

March 2016

PhD, Philosophy

Professor, Philosophy

Phone: 206.296.5465

Building/Room: Casey 430-07

 Daniel Dombrowski CV (PDF)


Daniel A. Dombrowski is Professor of Philosophy. He is the author of twenty books and over a hundred and seventy articles in scholarly journals in philosophy, theology, classics, and literature. His books include A History of the Concept of God: A Process Approach (SUNY Press), Rethinking the Ontological Argument: A Neoclassical Theistic Perspective (Cambridge University Press), and Contemporary Athletics and Ancient Greek Ideals (University of Chicago Press). His main areas of intellectual interest are history of philosophy, philosophy of religion (from a neoclassical or process perspective), and ethics (especially animal rights issues).

Among his many awards and accolades, Professor Dombrowski received the 2016-17 McGoldrick Fellowship, the most prestigious award conferred by the university upon a member of the faculty.