Myra Lara

Short Run Slideshow Series 2021

(Watch Time: 20 minutes, 11 seconds) 

Myra Lara explains her role as the comic artist working on ¡Ya Basta! Todos Nos Merecemos un lugar de Trabajo sin Acoso Sexual (Enough! We All Deserve a Workplace Without Sexual Harassment), a resource comic developed in collaboration with Latina agricultural workers to help stop sexual harassment in the workplace. This comic was released in February 2021.




 Entomatadas (recipe comic), comic page by Myra Lara, 2020.


 About the Artist


Myra Lara is an architectural designer, cartoonist, and cultural worker based in Seattle, WA originally from Brownsville, Texas. A true generalist at heart, she explores the intersections of housing justice, environmental racism, border communities, gender and racial identities via self-published comics, zines, protest art, podcasts, social media, and paper architecture. Their current and ongoing projects include carving out a queer commune inside a monster single-family home, building a neighborhood mutual aid network, and breaking down the housing crisis in artful informational morsels.