Lauren Armstrong

Short Run Slideshow Series 2021

(Watch Time: 21 minutes 21 seconds)

Lauren Armstrong shares her experience living and working as a painter and comic artist through the COVID-19 pandemic. Her new comic, Gator Boi, released summer 2021, follows a gator modeled on Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8er Boi” who visits earth from his demon dimension.




Demons in the DugoutComic Cover by Lauren Armstrong, 2019.

 About the Artist

" As a kid, one of my favorite memories was the first time I watched Baywatch. Another was the first time I picked up an X-Men comic. I liked Baywatch for the swimming and X-Men because I had yet to see a drawing of a man who could shoot lasers from his eyes, and till this day I credit that character and his powers for inspiring my artistic endeavors. "


Lauren Armstrong is a comic artist, painter, and straight-up goofball. She graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with degrees in Painting and Video. Her comics have appeared in The Seattle Weekly and comic newspapers Thick As Thieves and Hair Flip. Her artwork has been displayed in Seattle’s City Hall gallery, and a mural she painted is visible in Pioneer Square. She’s been chosen as a Trailer Blaze comic artist resident for 3 consecutive years and is an Advisory Board Member for Short Run Seattle.

Find her work at @Larmco and @tigerchildrencobramountain