Skeena Reece and Dean Hunt


Favorites is an ongoing series of group exhibitions produced by Seattle University’s Hedreen Gallery. These exhibitions aim to support conversation, creative experimentation, and community-building between artists.  


In Favorites, artists (not curators) choose who they will exhibit with and why.  


Favorites exhibitions hold space for artists to have meaningful conversations with other artists. The only constraint placed on this exhibition format is that none of the exhibiting artists can have pre-existing personal or professional connections to each other. This means that extending an invitation to a "favorite" artist is an expression of admiration for the invited artist’s work, and it is also the first introduction. 


Favorites 2021 is an online project that takes the format of eight, conversational video episodes.


In Fall 2020, RYAN! Feddersen started the invitation process for the 2021 exhibition by inviting artist Skeena Reece to participate...



Skeena Reece accepted RYAN!'s invitation and invited Dean Hunt. Skeena and Dean chose to hold their final invitation as a space to honor and acknowledge the work of Northwest Coast carvers

The artists recorded a conversation through Zoom on December 17, 2020. In this conversation Reece and Hunt share images and documentation of past works, current work, and work in progress as they discuss their powerful, intergenerational art practices driven by commitments to care, collaboration, humor, experimentation, and community. 


The video episodes in this exhibition can be viewed all at once or in multiple visits over time. Each episode contains images or media embedded in the Seattle University website, as well as streaming video content hosted on Vimeo and embedded on this website. For the best viewing experience, please expand each video in the web viewer. Videos are captioned, and this captioned content can be accessed through the CC button in the lower right-hand corner of the video interface.

- Hedreen Gallery Web Team

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Episode 1: Meet The Artists

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Episode 2: "sweepin' da chips"

The first time I heard about you… I think you were making music with Bracken, and performing live, and I was like, ‘that’s cool’, because so many people were making music in Vancouver. There was a huge scene of hip hop and live performance stuff happening all over the city. And I sing, and I was hoping we could share some of our musical talents from the distant past…

-Skeena Reece (speaking to Dean Hunt)

Adamax, by Skeena Reece

Song by Artist Skeena Reece

Give You the Moon, by Dean Hunt

song by artist Dean Hunt

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Episode 3:  Opening Doors

blue mask by artist Skeena ReeceHummingbird Mask, by Skeena Reece in collaboration with Simon Reece 


Drawing by Dean HuntSmash Mode, Dean Hunt

The crossover of ‘contemporary art’ and ‘traditional’ art is not even true. I think a lot of people think, ‘oh, that’s Northwest Coast art’, or ‘that’s contemporary art’, but they’re totally the same. You just don’t see that these [Northwest Coast artworks] were living pieces. These pieces were used in Potlach, in ceremony, and they had lives...

Skeena Reece

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Episode 4: Leaving Footprints


How much would you say politics or social issues affect your art? -Skeena Reece

installation artwork by artist Skeena Reece

The Time It Takes: Sweetgrass and Honey

Skeena Reece, 2017

fabric, cedar, moss, beads

photo credit: Karen Asher

mask carved by artist Dean Hunt

M'nukv (ONE)

Dean Hunt


Image courtesy of the artist

Image of red comb carved by artist Dean Hunt

Warrior Comb

Dean Hunt

Image courtesy of the artist

photographs and a sculpture by artist Skeena Reece

The Time It Takes: Moss

Skeena Reece, 2017

4 prints, cradleboard

photo credit: Roman Guilbault

I came up with a mask called M’nukv mask, M’nukv means “one” in our language, and it was the transition mask between the Pk’vs mask, that I felt I had become. I basically wanted a way out of that [Pk’vs] mask, and so I carved M’nukv (…) There’s the idea of this Pk’vs creature kind of evolving or transforming. For me personally, it just gave me an escape out of that character and into something different.

-Dean Hunt

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Episode 5: Art at Home


Skeena: "We should make a video where we use one of the photos of your art, and my kids, just kind of like, record their playing and hanging out in the living room, and kind of put that together. Because it feels different than being on those cold walls, or office buildings, or, you know, some fancy person’s cabin."

Dean: "Yeah, I wonder if it would be a good idea to use the M’nukv mask, the one I was talking about (…) because it’s got that hope behind it, it's kind of that light at the end of the tunnel kind of thing, it might be a good one to have the kids laughing on?"


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Episode 6: Inside the Masks

inside of a mask carved and painted by artist Dean Hunt

Inside of Portrait Mask, by Dean Hunt



"A lot of times in work I’ll set out to do something and then things change. A lot of times the piece guides me where it wants to go in a way. I try and stay open, and what I set out to do it doesn’t always end up that way (...) The idea, or the actual meaning, comes later, a lot of times, for me."

- Dean Hunt

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Episode 7: "Ron Telek Challenge"

mask being carved by artist Dean Hunt

Work in progress, Dean Hunt's studio


Skeena: "I think I’ve got a challenge for you, and I’ll take it on as well. Let’s do an ode to Ron Telek. I would love to make a new piece that’s like, no boundaries, just full-on spirit imagination."

Dean: "I accept that challenge, for sure. That sounds fun."


When I saw it, I just recall feeling struck by something that felt right.

- Skeena Reece

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Episode 8: Kindred Spirits




All images and documentation in this exhibition provided by the artists unless otherwise noted. 

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