Featured Faculty:

This Quarter Dr. Naomi Hume, Associate Professor in Art and Art History, is curating "Unsettling Femininity: Selections from the Frye Art Museum Collection" for Frye Art Museum. Unsettling Femininity probes the politics of viewing and questions the ways we habitually look at images of women, through the particular lens of the Frye Art Museum’s collection and the aesthetic preferences of the Museum’s founders, Charles and Emma Frye. The exhibition examines historical conventions of representation and the deeply entrenched beliefs and power structures they reflect—especially concerning gendered expectations around appearance and behavior.The exhibition will run Sept 21, 2019 through Aug. 23, 2020.

Gallery Feature

The Hedreen Gallery at the Lee Center for the Arts is dedicated to the vibrancy of Seattle's artistic community. Our mission is to support the work of emerging artists and exhibit new work by established artists: local, national, international. We strive to catalyze artistic process and dialogue; to connect artists, audiences, and resources; and to engage the community in the arts. Always free and open to the public.

Markel Uriu

Uriu is an interdisciplinary artist based in Seattle, WA. Her work explores impermanence, maintenance, and the unseen. Drawing from her Japanese and Irish-American heritage, she is particularly interested in liminal spaces, and explores these concepts through ephemeral botanical narratives and two-dimensional work. Her subjects of time, cycles, and cultural interchange have culminated in a fascination with invasive species. Her current work explores the nature of invasive species, their environmental impacts, and their links to humanity, colonialism, and globalization. Uriu's, exhibition, An Object Lesson; work investigating the narratives and rhetoric surrounding “invasive species” of plants and animals is on view in the Hedreen Gallery until May 18th, 2019